Why I love my girls

I got up in the middle of the night because I am all kinds of of congested. Just when I settled on the couch under my favorite quilt I hear the clinking of the girls' dog collars. I love that dogs know when you don't feel well.


The reason that Blue and grandma can relax

Clemmie and Louie, the dynamic duo of chaos, are locked outside

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Blue and grandma relaxing

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The Prince in Austin

BJ is the Prince of Butte la Rose, Louisiana says me. He is the only one of the four dogs curently at my house that doesn't want to get in the mix.


Clemmie looks on while Louie and Bluebonnet tussle.

Locked out

After playing with Clemmie, Louie couldn't figure out how to get back in the house. He even howled a few times to try and get a human to open the door. Unfortunately at my house dogs that can fit through it must use the doggie door.



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Watching Mad Men with mama

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I got my stick back

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Bluebonnet stole my stick

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I miss my daddy

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I want to come back as this

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What's her problemo

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Worst leash walker ever

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Probably not as bad as it looks

I went home yesterday and the first thing on my mind was to check out Bluebonnet's face. Kris told me that the vet tech had shaved away the hair around the hot spot so that it wouldn't get matted again. I asked if it was about the size of the a quarter and Kris replied "No, it's bigger than that." My heart sank a little. I don't want my girls to look like street dogs with matted hair, dirty faces and gaping wounds.

I was a little shocked that the shaved area is as big as my fist and the wound is much more visible. Bluebonnet's ear covers the wound and shaved area but of course I know it's there. Before bedtime I put some Neosporin on it per the vet's recommendation and was immediately ticked off when Clementine not only tried to lick the ointment but she tried to lick Blue's face. I found myself being very short with her and to that Kris says "Uh, she doesn't understand you." I probably should have just said "Clementine, no" instead of "Stop doing that! Stop licking her face!"


Bad Mama

So yesterday Angela noticed that Bluebonnet had been scratching on the right side of her head a lot. When she got home last night she went over to Blue to look where she was scratching just out of curiosity. She called me over and showed me that Blue had scratched down to the skin - the patch was about the size of a nickel. Of course, I freaked out because I didn't know what was wrong with my baby. Angela held Clementine while I laid Blue down on the floor and cleaned the dirty, matted area with peroxide then put some Benadryl cream on it so that she would hopefully stop scratching it. It looked like maybe she was bitten by something but it was a flat wound, not a bump that would indicate a bite. I had to give her big beef jerky dog chew to distract her from scratching. I showed it to Kris as soon as he got home and we gave her a pink Benadryl pill to help her sleep and stop the itching. We also bandaged up her back right paw so she couldn't scratch the wound with her nails.

Kris took her to the vet this morning and they said it was a hot spot. I've never heard of this before. Apparently she was poked or bitten by something and the blood and other secreted fluids caused the hair to get matted. She scratched and scratched til the matted hair was pulled out and thus irritated the wound. The vet gave her a cortisone shot and reprimanded us for bandaging up her paw as we did it a little tight and could have caused her paw to swell up. I was relieved to get the call from Kris on his way home from the vet. I feel like a really bad doggie mama since the web article says that hot spots could also be caused by dead hair trapped next to the skin. I haven't been brushing her us much as I should and might be the cause of her latest ailment.

Poor Bluebonnet has had it pretty rough with her constant yeast overgrowths in her ear which we've now gotten under control with frequent Novalsan flushes, that bite she had on her snout when she was a puppy, the weird bump on her paw that we had removed and the seemingly benign bump on her back. She's so young to have all these health issues come up and I blame myself for not taking better care of her.


Super cute and doesn't snore

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Good morning!

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Good night, Sis

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The snood gets passed down

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My beauties

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I guess this is her new bed...

We were going to bed and Kris asked me if both dogs were in the room. I saw that Blue was on the dog bed but didn't see Clemmie. I got up to look for her and then spotted her in a laundry basket sleeping. This is the second time we have found her there. I guess she likes her daddy's strong man-scent.

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Good night, stick

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Why I love my husband

Because he knows that Clementine sleeping in a laundry basket is picture worthy.


Belly rubs aplenty

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My heart just smiled

Anyone that knows me or has even ever stumbled across this blog will not be surprised when I say that I find my dogs to be completely entertaining. I am definitely a dog person and I might be a little "way too into" my dogs, but they are my furkids, afterall. Tonight was one of those nights where Kris and I stop watching tv, stop typing on our computers and stop checking our phones for text messages and just watch Bluebonnet and Clementine play together.

They were 8 kinds of riled up after I played with them on the floor for 30 minutes and they had nothing else to do with all that energy but chase each other, take turns stealing the sock from one another and bark at each other. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bluebonnet is Personality Plus. I swear she thinks like a 9 year old child.

She knows that Clementine can't yet jump up on anything, not either couch or any of the chairs so she jumps on a chair or a couch with the sock they've been fighting over. However, she doesn't just jump up there with it and sit. She sits with the sock hanging out of her mouth just low enough for Clementine to try to reach it. When Scrappy-Doo gets frustrated with this she starts with the barking, well I should say the yapping, she's not big enough to give a big impressive, Basset bark yet. Bluebonnet will jump down with the sock and the cycle of chasing, playing tug-of-war and barking starts all over again.

I'm still amazed by Clementine's independence. Unfortunately, she's not always indepenedent. Several of Bluebonnet's bad habits have rubbed off on her including trying to dart out the front door when it's opened and jumping up on anyone that comes through the door. What I love about her the most though is how different she is from Bluebonnet, her independence being one of them - Blue would never go lie in the corner of the living room and just play for hours on end, she'd also never go outside alone for 20 minutes at a time in the middle of the night just to hunt for sticks. Clementine has hauled sticks through the doggie door at 10:30 at night that are twice her size. It takes her sometimes up to 10 minutes to get it through the opening in the wall, but she's persistent.

My time at home would be so boring without these two dogs. God bless those girls!

The biggest scam on the Interweb

Clementine was totally robbed in this past week's Daily Drool Basset of the Week contest. She lost out to Peanut.

Here is a screen shot of her competitors:

Here are the poll results:
Peanut 30% - (69 Votes)
Buster 23.9% - (55 Votes)
Buddy 9.1% - (21 Votes)
Dusty 8.6% - (20 Votes)
Tyler 7.8% - (18 Votes)
Toby 6.5% - (15 Votes)
Clementine 6.5% - (15 Votes)
Porter 3% - (7 Votes)
Maybelle 2.1% - (5 Votes)
Maxwell 2.1% - (5 Votes)

This crap is always rigged. It has to be!!! Bluebonnet never won either. Doesn't that seem fishy???


Basset Hound Meet-up party

Unfortunately not everyone that RSVP'd actually made it out. But the girls definitely had a good time as evident by the monster nap they took when they got home. I am not sure if it will become a regular thing but it sure was a fun afternoon and nice to see the girls among other Bassets. Poor little Bluebonnet was the only tri-colored there. Clementine was in good company with 2 Lemon & White Bassets, 1 Red & White and 1 Red & White/Dachshund mix.

Doggies arriving for the party

Doggies getting pets from other human mommies & daddies
and getting to know each other

The hosts of the meet-up also have a mini-Dachshund and a Basset/mini-Dachshund mix

New friend, Watson

New friend, Skittles

Clementine looks like a miniature version of both Skittles and Olive

New friend, Olive likes to cool off in the water

Clementine and the mini-Dachshund, Copper, were inseperable


Some of my favorite pictures

I took all of these yesterday in about 5 minutes. They have come out to be some of my favorite pictures of the girls so far. With the exception of Bluebonnet's fierce protection of her food, the girls always show each other a lot of love.


holding hands with my puppy

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