Big Announcement... kind of

I have merged my two blogs into one. I've been hesitant to do this for a while because I don't want to lose any dog blog readers, but it just makes the most sense for me and my time management challenges. I think the blog will shake out to 90% dog stuff and 10% everything else.

In other news, the D Family got a new vehicle to make our lives a little bit easier and a lot more comfortable. I was calling it the Bassetmobile but out of the blue today I referred to it as the Bassetwagon so I think that henceforth it will be called only that or The Wagon for short since it is after all an awesomely cool stationwagon. It's great to have a little tailgate to flip up and have the girls jump on in the back without any assistance... Well it was great that one time they did it. I still have faith that at some point in the near future they will jump in on their own and Kris and I will give each other a big high-five.

I'm taking the wagon on a trip to Louisiana this weekend to see my family, however sans Basset Hound. The girls are going to stay behind and hang out with dad.

This past Saturday, the girls and I frolicked in the hallway on the new runner rug we got and I snapped a few pics of their sublime cuteness!

Today I returned home very anxious to see my babies. As I walked through the foyer I looked down the hallway and saw this:

Oh yes! The little one has already destroyed the rug. I should be freaking out but Kris and I kind of though this might happen and we wanted to use this as a training opportunity so we bought a very inexpensive extra-long rug that I can actually cut shorter and re-trim. You can see that on one end I had already put a little cayenne down to deter her from going back. I didn't, however, put any on the other end.

Live and learn, Tobi... live and learn.

On Sunday, Kris and I took a drive out to Lockhart, Texas to get some barbecue for my sister-in-law's family. We had been itching to joyride in the new car so it was a nice little 3 hour jaunt there and back. I'm trying to be as cool as other Volvo wagon owners who take their cars on grand adventures so I snapped a pic of the car in front of the famous Black's BBQ of Lockhart.

It's the first of many photo opps for this car! I'm already thinking of different angles to get of the wagon on the levee in my parents' town or the pontoon bridge you have to take to get to their house. I just have to promise Kris not to do anything too crazy!

That about does it for now...

Take care everyone!



What we are doing right now...

Eating cupcakes and watching High School Musical while daddy is at his Fantasy Football Draft.

Do we know how to spend a Friday night or what?!


And we don't even play Scrabble...

I stole this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Princess Melissa. Actually a friend of hers came up with the idea but it was probably inspired from something else so I figured it was ok for me to pass it on. The sad part is that it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to do this - it might have been easier if I spelled out Kristopher, Bluebonnet and Clementine because it would have given me more options. However, it just looks better, more uniform when I use the shortened versions of their names. I present... The Ditmore Family Scrabble-ized:


New Bassetmobile

This weekend Kris went and traded in my tiny little coupe for a sporty stationwagon... and boy is everyone in the D family happy about this. Kris and I like for the girls to be comfortable in the car whether we are driving 6 hours to visit my parents in Louisiana or just taking them to the vet which is 7 minutes from the house. No one likes a wimpering, whiny or scared dog in the car, it's just not fun. We went for a stationwagon so we could put down some comfy blankets and the girls could stretch out and have plenty of room. But the bonus of the stationwagon is that there are so many windows for the girls to look out and see the world go by. I was so tickled by how well their first trip in the car went. I snapped a few pics of the girls in the back. Don't they seem to be enjoying the ride?

Maxime von Weiner

Maxime is my friend Denise's miniature dachshund. She is a sweet little thing that can hang with the big dogs and holds her own very well with the very bossy Bluebonnet. Maxime has a seriously cute characteristic - her tongue sticks out a little bit all the time. But apparently when she's really relaxed it tends to stick out a bit more. Here is a pic sent to me from Denise of Maxime in what appears to be a very deep sleep. The caption that came with the pic said "I dare you to sleep harder than this dog." I don't think it's possible. She must be living clean.

Here is my other favorite picture of Maxime - while to most dogs this is a food or water bowl, to Maxime, it's a sitting pool for cooling off. This picture was sent to me with the caption "Bowl 'o Maxime."


It's Maiko!

Clementine's gal pal Maiko came over to spend the night. There is a big difference between 2 dogs and 3 dogs. I am thankful I got the opportunity to realize this before trying to convince Kris that we need to add to our little family again. It's nice that Maiko is here now, but it will be nice to give her back.

She and Clementine wear each other out and they are so cute when they run around together. Clementine can fit right underneath Maiko and when Clemmie walks under her it's so funny!


Midnight snacker

Yesterday we reached a Defcon 5 rawhide level. We were completely out of rawhides and I was positive that without her fix, Clementine would destroy everything in the house while we were at work today. Luckily she showed restraint and respect by behaving and to reward her we got her another ginormo rawhide bone for her to go to town on!


Post for grandma

You don't really believe your daughter when she says we are bad dogs, do you?


That Leigh Nash song comes to mind

Although I am certain the song "Need to Be Next to You" was about just one person, Bluebonnet is less choosy and will pretty much cuddle up next to anyone sitting on her beloved couch - so long as she can get right up in there.


A picture of the world's happiest dog

I swear when I took it out of the bag and called "Clemmie come get your surprise!", she looked up at me and said "Keeyaw that's a big bone!"


They are plotting something

I will let you know what it is when I find out.


Recovering from a tummy ache

Communicating with humans

Clementine is much more communicative than Bluebonnet ever was. She barks for your attention and when she wants something. This picture was taken between barks at me to either give her permission to get on the bed or to help her get up on the bed. At first I thought it was cute but now it is just annoying because she does it every morning and every night.