Bluebonnet's Atchafalya voyage

I know Bluebonnet can't swim and I have no intention of ever testing this, however she loves the water and over Easter she went on her first canoe trip on the canal my parents live on. Here are more pics from our little trip up and down the canal.


D Family Easter Road Trip

AKA ... going from A to B.

Nothing's packed yet. Leaving in 3 hours and 17 minutes. We are so not ready.

Six hours in the truck with my husband who likes to keep the truck cabin at a cool 45 degrees and a 52 lb Basset hound that likes to jump from the front seat to the back seat to the tempo of her own cries when she's not pacing the back bench seat.

Should be awesome.

Bluebonnet's Mailbag

Dear Bluebonnet,

You are the source of all of my non-human joy. We have a deep relationship. We have a shorthand. I believe you are my soulmate. And I don't even believe in soulmates. I love our starring contests even though you usually win. We have so much in common... tv shows, preferred walking route, time and distance, we like the same people and we both prefer junk food instead of the food we really should be eating. We love to cuddle on the couch with each other. All the love I give out to you is returned to me. I can't imagine ever loving another animal as much as I love you. And that is why you will remain an only child.

Love you,


The concerns of a dog's mama

Yesterday Kris informed me that Bluebonnet told him that the time change has really screwed up her sleeping schedule. I wish I could articulate how sorry I am for this poor little dog that she can't get her regular 18 hours of sleep per day.


Me + My dog = Bliss

Here are two cell phone pictures of me that show the truly content Tobes. You will also notice that my dog is in very close proximity. Conincidence? Probably not.