Good for absolutely nothing

Except being freakin' cute!


Missing my girls

Last week Kris worked from home and sent me this picture... the girls were looking at the front door, waiting for me to walk through it. Just melts my heart. Love, love, love.



I'm in Oklahoma City for work the week and wouldn't you know it... snow storm! I realize that it's not the end of the world but snow is not something I'm used to and it definitely puts a halt to my productivity since I can't train people if we can't get to the office to do it. But I'm safe, I'm comfortable, I'm warm and I can still communicate with everyone as normal so all is good.

I am missing Kris and the girls quite a bit. I'm tragically dependent upon my husband's company, Clementine's exuberance and Bluebonnet's cuddling to get me through most days and being away from them makes my heart heavy. So I have a nice little game plan for OKC to make the most of the time I have to be away from my family - local yarn store visit, Thunder game and the Memorial. Despite the weather I am still hoping to check all of those things off my list. At any rate I can add OKC to the list of state capital cities I've been to.