I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already

Everyone in my family gets a bit down on Sunday nights because it means Monday is fast approaching. However it also means that we still have time to squeeze in some super quality family time together. That usually means dinner cooked by daddy, belly rubs courtesy of mommy and The Amazing Race. I hope everyone has as much fun with their family as I do!


Weekly post for grandma

See what that hail did to my yard cot??? I don't know why... I didn't do anything to that hail.



Heading home

The girls are sleeping on the floor of the back cab on their new blankets that my sister made for them. We had the best little family trip. We went fishing and the girls went swimming in the pond and the both got up on the boogie board a few times! It was great. They both ate crawfish so they are officially 1/2 Cajun now. Besides one incident where Bluebonnet got a little rough with my sister's Chorkie the girls behaved pretty well. I can tell they are ready to return home though... Even if their mama is not!


Are we there yet?

Of all 4 beings in this truck she deserves a vacation the least. In fact we all need a vacation from her. But there she is pacing in the back seat of the truck like we have been holding her hostage or something.

Rat dog is back


New collas! Holla!

So the new collars from The Mod Dog came in yesterday and I just love them. They are top quality and gorgeous and whimsical. I put them on the girls and they got all kinds of sassy just knowing how cute they looked. I tried to get some pictures but they started to wrestle and well... these shots just don't do the collars justice. I then noticed that Clementine starting biting Blue's collar and pulling (something I've seen her do once before) and had to reprimand her. That is such a bad thing for a dog to do for a number of reasons, the least of which is ruining a brand new collar. I certainly hope that doesn't become a habit or else I could be looking at serious behavioral help for her.


Feelin' Groovy

I just remembered that I had some great photos of the girls to post from a few weeks ago... I mentioned that I would post them at a later date and never got around to it. Now seems like as good of a time as any to throw one or two up. I believe I called the photo album I put these in "Dog Treat Madness" because I threw a bunch of dog cookies on the ground and watched the girls run after them and fight over them. Ok - well they don't really fight because we all now that Bluebonnet is a food bully and Clementine gets as far away from her possible when food is thrown in her direction for fear of getting cornered. At any rate, they each got their fare share of cookies and mommy got some cute pictures.

I had changed the setting on the camera so the pictures came out with an unintended effect but it happens to look pretty cool... it also happens to look like the girls had time traveled to the 1970's and dropped acid.


I have once again been so busy with my 9-5 and stocking my shop on Etsy that I've neglected the blog. I have not however, neglected my girls. Last weekend the whole family got to cuddle in the bed together for a long time and during the week I took the girls on some nice walks to get ready for the Wag'n'Walk. We also played fetch in the backyard which Kris has gone to great lengths to make nice for our little family. We are also just days away from heading to Butte La Rose, Louisiana for Easter weekend and have been doing a lot of prep for that - making lists, burning cd's for my mom, organizing gifts, etc.

Once I get back from the trip I'll have lots of pictures to post because I won't be doing anything else - no work and no crafts, just total dedication to the girls. Like I've said before I've been talking to them about our pending family road trip. I think that Bluebonnet is fully engaged perhaps reminiscing about her trip up and down the canal in my canoe, but I think that Clementine's mind is somewhere else completely...