I need a bath!

Is she trying to tell me something???

My guess is that if I were to turn on the water she would jump out of the tub as fast as she jumped in it.


Same chair, different dog

I took a picture of both dogs in the same spot in the same chair in the living room. It's not a particularly interesting comparison, it's just funny that they have the same tendencies. It is also very apparent which one has the bigger ears.

The one of Bluebonnet was taken mid-day when the sun was still high in the sky and the one of Clementine was taken several hours later.


Sweet, lazy puppies

This photo was taken by their sweet (sometimes), lazy mommy.


So touching...

After seeing the link from Allison's blog about Spencer, I clicked on it knowing that I was going to read something sad. I then clicked on the link about Spencer's owners' previous dog Raja and went even further into the sadness. I was feeling this sadness at the same time I was happy for them for getting to have these dogs in their lives. I thought their video about Raja was really well done and in my hope that more people will see it I'm posting it here. It is cleverly called a dogumentary.


Weekly post for Grandma

Mommy just finished telling us all about the trip to Louisiana in April. I don't know what EESTER is but it sounds fun. I want to be a deck dog like Uncle Louie. Mommy said that I cannot go on the canoe with her and Blue because I am too aggrivating and I don't listen. I told her that I don't care because I will just make sweet eyes at you for food.
Love you,
Clementine Francine

P.S. I weigh almost 30 pounds now but you can still are my ribs. Please tell your daughter to feed me more.


... To all of our doggie friends!

Its 350 in the morning

I can't sleep and so I am up watching television. The girls were kind enough to come out into the living room and keep me company. Although I suspect they thought when I got up that there might be the possibility of food.


Pouvre bebe

Clementine is technically still recovering from her spay surgery. But you wouldn't know it by looking at her. I now refer to her as my ragamuffin tomboy. She's one tough cookie, that is for sure. I was only able to snap these pictures when she was exhausted from wrestling with Bluebonnet. I make sure to check it every day... I just scoop her up and cradle her like a little baby.
The day of the surgery.

Today - it's healing nicely despite her determination not to take it easy


Spay Day

Today Clementine is getting spayed. Please keep her in your thoughts and hope with me and Kris that she makes it out just fine and recovers quickly. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I'm a little sad about today. Even though I've been through this already with Bluebonnet, Clementine just seems so much more of a little bitty puppy to me. I left her with the wonderful folks at Animal Trustees of Austin with her favorite toy - her striped, squeaky teddy bear; I did the same for Bluebonnet but instead of Teddy she had one of her daddy's socks.


Me and Bluebonnet leaving for Animal Trustees of Austin, August 2006 -
She was almost 9 months old.

Me and Clementine this morning leaving for ATA, February 2009 -
She's just over 7 months old.

Weekly post for grandma

Sometimes these two are darn near close to perfect. This is a picture if one such time. A time when Blue wasn't trying to mortally wound Clemmie for a little crumb of food the little one found and a time when Clemmie wasn't pulling out the stuffing of the couch they are pictured on one tuft of cotton at a time.

You can almost see their halos.