Merry Christmas Amigos!

Bluebonnet and Clementine want to wish all of their friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!


Lost picture in the ivy

This picture makes me think of two specific things...

1. We no longer have this ivy in our backyard; it's been replaced with decomposing granite.

2. About 3 minutes after I took this picture Clementine threw up for 12 hours straight. Luckily I worked from home that day and could administer tummy rubs.


Now ready to attend holiday parties

Bluebonnet is so fresh and so clean from Groomingdale's and is now fit to be seen out in public. I had started calling her Sandy because she looked like a little street dog.



It's finally Friday. And it's finally cold again here in Austin. After breakfast, that conatined a few surprise pieces of steak from my doggie back last night, the girls are in bed and bundled up with us. This weekend they are getting their Christmas presents... a day at the "doggie spa".

We hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend.



Watching old movies

I took this picture when I was home with the girls watching that dreadful Inside Daisy Clover movie. Blue and Clem are not Natalie Wood fans either.


Clementine gets some "me time"

Here is a rare moment of Clementine not in motion. She did a little sun worshipping on this nice, cool winter day in Austin.


The best part about working from home, besides getting to stay in my pajamas all day and not having to deal with traffic, is my super-pleasant co-workers. We take lunch and go on bathroom breaks together if they can be bothered to move from wherever they are napping... er, I mean working.


Clementine and Bluebonnet, today

The girls sometimes relax next to each other. It is rare so I always try to capture the moment. They both wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Like McRib... I'm back even after my FAREWELL tour

That's right, if for no other reason then my mother told me that she missed my blog. So... yeah... the blog is back! It's been a 9 month hiatus so many things have happened in our household for both the humans and the canine babies since I last posted, most notably Little Clementine Francine turned 2 years old! I can't go back and recap the past 9 months so I'll just jump to today. It's Christmastime, the best time of year. Here's some snapshots around the Ditmore house:

The longhorns got garland this year!

The girls in their Jingle Bell collars

Once the temp drops below 60 degrees we can have a nice fire

Bluebonnet thinks she hears Santee!

Beer coaster garland

I couldn't find traditional wooden shoes so these resin cowboy boots will have to do!