Catching some z's... In a sweet embrace

Her Native American name... Sleeps On Pillow

A slew of old Bluebonnet pics...

Blue has been seriously neglected these days because of the puppy. But I tell her everyday that she's my best friend for life. By the time she was 1 year old, I had over 900 pictures of her. I'll always love that dog and I'll always think she's the prettiest Basset Hound ever.

So to honor my eldest, here are some of her best pics over the years that were taken long before this blog started.


She rules the roost!

Bluebonnet is baracading the doggie door because Clementine just ran outside with the rawhide and she's not happy about it.

Chewing like there is no tomorrow

Her head is blurry because it is moving so fast around the rawhide between her paws.

Our little Longhorn

I swear Clementine is burnt orange and white. She is the exact same color as Bevo.

Blue's still my #1 girl


Dis game iz boring

Gentle Giant

This is Jackson, or as his human mommy calls him, Joe Jackson. He is the best dog in the world. He's a big guy but just the sweetest dog ever. I don't think he's ever met another, human or dog, that he didn't like.