Yes, Bassets CAN be very fast

Here is a video of Clementine chasing Jackson in the backyard and demonstrating how fast a Basset Hound can really run. Granted she is still a puppy, but you cannot deny that this dog has wheels!


Friends - Maiko and Jackson

So not only did the girls have two visitors over the past couple of weeks but they also befriended a lost puppy - who unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of.

Kris was working on the Mustang in the garage and felt something brush passed his leg. He immediately thought it was Little Clementine so he looked down and found a Yorkie with a tag on. So he summoned me outside to get the number off the tag and call the owner. The Yorkie's name was Bandit and he was a good little boy and very sweet. We called both numbers on the tag and no one answered and no voice mail was available. I told Bandit that he was so sweet that he could just stay with us. Forever. At that point it was 90 degrees outside and I hadn't eaten so I told Kris I was going to take Bandit inside while I made our lunch. After a few minutes he got used to Clementine chasing him and they were all frolicking in the backyard. Too bad that Kris was able to reach the owner so soon and just 10 minutes later Bandit was out the door. We sure enjoyed his visit and wouldn't mind if he came back!

Here are pics of our neighbor Jackson who came over yesterday to visit while his mom & dad were out of town for the holiday:

And here is our friend Mason's puppy Maiko with Blue & Clemmie:

Clemmie and Maiko were fast friends and played the whole time the adults visited. They are quite a pair.

We hope everyone had a great holiday.

Kris is always encouraging me to make more posts on the blog so I'll try to keep up a better pace!


A million thanks to Wimsey's mom

In a recent post, I wrote about participating in the ASPCA Wag'n'Walk here in Austin and how I was so proud of my girls for successfully completing the 1 mile walk (which had to feel longer on their short little legs)... but I had no pictures to show of it. To my great surprise, Wimsey's mom came to the rescue and produced a photo of Clementine from the event. It's a picture of me and Clementine visiting Annemarie Lucas from Animal Precinct. She loved Little Clementine because she also has a Basset.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth and it's just another reason I'm so thankful for all my blogging-doggy mama friends.

Worn out

This picture was taken after 20 minutes of wrestling, 10 minutes of chasing each other and 5 minutes of licking each other's faces and ears.


Yawnin', stretchin', tryin' to come to life

Right after this picture was taken Bluebonnet tumbled outta bed and stumbled to the kitchen to pour herself a cup of ambition...


Tired puppy

Its very hard to tire Clementine out - she has endless energy. But a full day at puppy day care seems to do the trick. In fact she was so tired yesterday that she couldn't even make it on to her pillow.


Update flash

  • My time with that cute little Henna was cut short - but for a good reason. She was adopted and the person who adopted her elected to finish out the puppy training class with her. That's a win for everyone! The puppy will be on the road to good canine behavior, the owner will be taught consistency and Blue Dog Rescue saves another pooch!
  • Bluebonnet and I, along with friends Karen, Kelsey, Tom, Brad, Laurelyn, Scooter and Kelsey all walked in the 1st Annual Austin ASPCA Wag'n'Walk. Karen volunteered to walk Clementine for me and I still haven't thanked her enough for doing that otherwise her nibs would not have been included in the walk. Well anyway, Clementine and Karen were the first to cross the finish line. In fact, it's taken me so long to post about this because I was hoping that the ASPCA would have some pictures of this but alas my emails to them have gone unreplied and my web searches have turned up nothing. I'm still really proud of Clemmie - she's my little athlete. Blue and I finished somewhere near the end of the pack but at least we finished - we were both exhausted afterward. It was only a mile but we aren't big walkers.
  • Kris and I have been working really hard to get our yard looking nice for the summer. The girls have made paths in the yard that I dont' think will ever recover. One in particular is around a huge oak tree in the backyard. We've decided to be creative and put pavers around the tree for a couple of reasons - 1. to cover the exposed earth around the tree and 2. so the girls' paws won't be so muddy when they play their chase game through the doggie door. The added bonus is that if they are walking along that path a lot the pavers will help keep their nails smooth. We were really proud of this idea until we saw with our very own eyes that Clementine could move the pavers. Kris thinks she did it just to show him she could. I hope the day comes soon when he realizes she is not really out to get him.
  • Blue and Clemmie will be going on a little vacation at the end of May while Mommy and Daddy go to Dallas for the Colonial Golf Tournament. The girls are very excited to spend time with humans other than us and meet some new friends.


She wants to be on Broadway

... and I fully support that decision.


BBQ Ambassadors

Without a doubt Blue and Clemmie are members of the family - they represent our good name just as much as Kris and I do. That is why we still work with them on not jumping on people when they come through the door , it's why we socialized them with other dogs, it's why we spoil them and talk to them like real people - we wanted them to be gracious and affable little hostesses helping us usher visitors to the designated party area of whatever kind of gathering we happen to be having and helping set the tone of the party with excitement and buzz... but instead we get this -

... lazy little ragamuffin dogs that sit in the door frame so you have to step over them to go to the bathroom and just waiting for someone to drop a piece of food.

Photogenic? Yes.

Beautiful? YES!

Helpful? Not really.