Meet Cosmo!

This is Cosmo, my friend & co-worker Chrys' cocker spaniel. He's such a cutie. I've heard stories about this dog for months now and finally got to meet him on Thursday afternoon when he came by to show off his fresh-from-the-groomer 'do and Halloween handkerchief. He's adorable and knows how to high-five! I didn't get to visit with him for very long but I can tell that the has a lot of personality!


Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Grandma,

We have gone to day care every day this week because the handy-man has been let loose in our house. We were going to tell mommy that we wouldn't bother him but when we learned that we would be going to doggie daycare while he was here we decided not to say anything. Anyway, doggie daycare is super fun, we have met lots of other dogs and we get to run and play all day long. But when we get home we are soooooooo tired.


What we did last night

The whole family watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown because it's an annual tradition.

I started on a new scarf and attempted to master the Puff Stitch. The first few rows are a bit messy and uneven but then I started getting a little better at it.


Clemmie cozied up by the fire

Why I love my husband

He lit a fire for me even though he doesn't think its actually cold enough for one.


Clean bills of health

Yesterday the girls went to see Dr. Bob and the best vet tech in the world, Chris, at Best Vet here in Austin. It was time for their annual check-ups and shots.
Loaded in the Basset wagon and patiently waiting to get down at the vet's office

Being good girls in the waiting room

After our shots and blood draws... waiting for Dr. Bob to come in and tickle us

Back at home relaxing after we both received clean bills of health - no worms, no diseases, no infections
Bluebonnet: 43 pounds, very healthy, perfect weight, good heart, sweet disposition
Clementine: 35 pounds, super healthy, slim and trim, good heart, weird foot


Weekly post for Grandma

Is it me or am I getting longer?


Country Dogs

Yesterday Blue and Clemmie enjoyed a romp through the country in Yorktown, Texas. It was a beautiful day here and we took full advantage of it with a long drive in the Bassetwagon. The girls were complimented on their cuteness or their beauty or something when we stopped for gas, Kris picked up some fresh tortillas and I had my camera ready to go. Luckily we discovered the tie-downs in the back of the wagon so we were able to keep the girls from dangerously crawling into the front seat and most importantly annoying the driver! So they decided not to fight it and layed down in the back on their soft blanket and napped during the drive. When we got to where we were going they enjoyed a nice romp through some tall grass.


Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Mama,
For once the girls are letting me write the post to you because they are just worn out from running in the new yard and fighting over treats and chasing each other down the hallway and so on and so on... I decided to post some pictures that show their true personalities since they can't stop me.
Bad attitude:

Love you,


Sweater Weather

The temperature has dropped and I'm not sure for how long so it was time to put on the girls' sweaters!


Homage to Martha and Bailey

Blue and Clemmie are always so jealous of the wonderful walks and travels of their cyber-friends Martha and Bailey who live across the big pond. So the three of us decided to enjoy the wonderful, damp Fall day and take a nice walk in our neighborhood this past Saturday morning.

Off we go...

A few free leash-free moments when we hit the park...

Back on the sidewalk and on our way back home...

We had a wonderful walk and now we can go in our house and take loooong naps...


Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Grammy,
Can you guess what I'm doing?
Am I in mid-bark?
Am I yawing?
Or... am I smiling???

Email mommy with your answer.


I'm sleeping.



The brother dogs

These are my parents' dogs - BJ and Louie. In the family structure they are indeed my little brothers. I spent Labor Day weekend at my mom and dad's house and can't ever resist taking pictures of these little guys. BJ is 14 and Louie is about 1 and a half. Needless to say BJ is not a big fan of Louie's puppy antics and my parents do a good job of keeping Louie's annoyance towards BJ to a minimum. It's pretty easy to see where I get my love of dogs from. A dog has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My family just seems to know how much joy a dog (or two) can bring to a family!

Louie likes to get up in the big oak tree. He is a skilled climber!

BJ is still a stud at 14 years of age. He is Mr. Personality.