Bassets are better in pairs...

Proof is in this new Target holiday commercial!


Snuggling for warmth...

Because there's no other reason for them to share a bed.


Atypical Basset body

I can't help but think that Clemmie has an unusual body for a Basset.  While she has many of the normal attributes, her lean frame and long legs are different... at least compared to Blue.


Ready for candlelit Fall-inspired dinners

In an effort to put the focus of my life back where it belongs I am going to have dinner with my husband at the dining room table with the tv turned off at least twice a week.


Sleeping arrangements

Yes. This is just another picture of the girls sleeping. But why I captured it is because we've been wondering for weeks where they sleep at night since we haven't replaced their dog beds. So every night for the past 10 days I have put eyes on them before going to bed. Every night they are on the smaller sofa. Sleeping together.

Smells like my daddy

I was sorting laundry and Blue decided to get involved... I say she was interupting the process, Kris said she was just trying to help and took a break.


Breaking our own rule

We decided to let the girls in the bed this morning to cuddle with us since it was pretty chilly. They eventually huddled together like this... so we do not regret our decision.


Getting organized

This morning I spent some time organizing the girls' things.  They don't take up much room, but I don't like to keep anything that I don't need. 

Basket #1:
Halloween sweaters
Football jerseys

Basket #2:
Nail clippers

Outing bag:
Collapsible water bowl
Training treats


She's snoring

Today is one of my work from home days and Blue is sleeping under the desk


What she does best

I am addressing postcards to send to my niece at summer camp and this is Blue's level of participation.



Fresh from the groomers!

Look how bright the white fur is! And they smell so good. I love clean babies!! Unfortunately, they will be dirty by the time I get home because the smell that is pleasant to me stinks to them.


Ugh... Allergies!

Blue does not care for the outdoors very much. Her allergies were bothering her so much that she couldn't even enjoy being in a field of her namesake flowers.


Harnessed up and ready to go

More pictures of our Girls' Day Out to follow...


My baby

There are no words to describe what this dog means to me...