Snuggling for warmth...

Because there's no other reason for them to share a bed.


Atypical Basset body

I can't help but think that Clemmie has an unusual body for a Basset.  While she has many of the normal attributes, her lean frame and long legs are different... at least compared to Blue.


Ready for candlelit Fall-inspired dinners

In an effort to put the focus of my life back where it belongs I am going to have dinner with my husband at the dining room table with the tv turned off at least twice a week.


Sleeping arrangements

Yes. This is just another picture of the girls sleeping. But why I captured it is because we've been wondering for weeks where they sleep at night since we haven't replaced their dog beds. So every night for the past 10 days I have put eyes on them before going to bed. Every night they are on the smaller sofa. Sleeping together.

Smells like my daddy

I was sorting laundry and Blue decided to get involved... I say she was interupting the process, Kris said she was just trying to help and took a break.