Loving sisters

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Getting a drink together

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This morning

Kris took this picture of Clementine this morning, sleeping her and Blue's bed.


Photo Frenzy

Just chillin' on Bluebonnet

The girls laying out

Kris gets in a cuddle with the puppy

Clemmie on Aunt Kelsey's lap... looking quite a bit like a longhorn

Like I said... she's outdoorsy, she goes outside by herself to explore all the time

The girls napping in the morning after eating

David and Goliath

Bluebonnet puts up with Clementine's antics very well

The girls like to cuddle with each other

The most adorable pair of Basset Hounds

Literally chasing her tail

Very nearly...
Got it!


Clementine is outdoorsy

She'll just go outside by herself and sit under the patio table and chew on a piece of wood or an acorn. Sometimes she cries if she can't see Bluebonnet and other times she'd clearly rather be alone.


My little genuis


... and back in.

At only 7 weeks old!


What I know about my dawgs

... sometimes Clemmie looks like she's posing for an Abercrombie & Fitch ad

... my dogs like to watch The Soup

... Now, more than ever, Bluebonnet will try to get in your lap

... Just like Bluebonnet, Clementine will fall asleep on your foot

... I want her to stay this size

Clemmie takes after mama and tap dances (a little)

Dance, puppy! Dance!


Blue visits Lady Jessica

In an attempt to keep Bluebonnet feeling special I took her out with me yesterday while I ran some errands. She kept looking at me like "Mommy, I have a question." And I'd just say "Yes, she is STILL going to be there when you get home." After a stop to put air in one of my tires, a pop into Michaels and a drive-thru McDonald's for a giant Diet Coke we went to visit one of Blue's favorite people, the lovely Lady Jessica of Brentwood. It wasn't a very long visit but Bluebonnet was happy nonetheless. She even cowered with her tail between her legs at the little tiny dog statue Jessica has in her home. It was pretty funny. She kept going back to that corner to check it out. After Jessica's we took a nice long walk through PetSmart to use the gift card that was burning a hole in our pockets. Since I haven't noticed a change in Blue's behavior I've determined that either the special treatment is working or it's not necessary. It's hard to tell.

The Punkers and Little Bits

Yesterday Blue was sleeping on her couch and Clemmie kept whining wanting to get up on the couch with her. I lifted her up onto the couch. The rest they worked out themselves, I didn't position them for these pictures (not that I'm above that).

Rough night and rougher morning

Last night did not go as well as night #1. Clementine started throwing up, on Kris then on me then in her bed, around 9:30pm. She had a lot of undigested doggie treats in her belly from visitors yesterday afternoon.

I thought that was the end of it until I was awoken two more times in the night by the sound of her puking, but by that time it was just bile. Blue, mad about being woken up so many times, got up and left the room and the bed that they share. This morning she got up with me and Blue and drank some water and within 10 minutes was throwing up the water. She's sleeping right now pretty comfortably so I'm just going to monitor the situation, but I'll probably need to bring her in for a vet visit today.

I just want my little baby to be happy and healthy and comfy so I hope it's just still jitters and getting used to a new place, but the pattern suggests something different. We'll see and I'll update.

You won't even believe us but...

Last night at 8:54pm Clementine, our 7-week old Basset Hound, went out the doggie door by herself, went into the yard, peed, pooped and came back in the house at 9:01.

We *know* she isn't potty trained (if the small yellow puddles around the house are any indication) but we thought it would be a few weeks before she could go in and out of the door on her own. We think she might be really, really smart.

Why I love my husband


I thought she was checking the oil under there...

Clementine was up under the coffee table for a good minute or so just squirming around. So I started the camera. Very soon after she pulled Ellie out from under the coffee table. (Yes, she's a Republican!) I tried to get her attention by whistling then snapping but she was a little too busy with her elephant.

More on Clemmie...

We don't know much about her yet. She's only 7 weeks old tomorrow. But she's adorable and that gets you very far in our house.

She seems to be smart... like REALLY smart. She went through the dog door on her own 3 times today. She also seems to be pretty sassy - she will sit behind Bluebonnet and chew on her tail with increasing vigor until Blue runs her off. She is by no means potty trained but if you bring her outside to the grass she will conduct some business.

We realize that with Bluebonnet as her old sister that we run the risk of having two spoiled Basset Hounds with bad attitudes and selective hearing but you really can't put a price on cuteness and willingness to cuddle at any time. These days it's crate - quality time - back to the crate but in just 6 short months she'll have free reign of the house during the day just like Bluebonnet. With any luck, we will come home to two very tired dogs everyday. I can dream, can't I?


Introducing Clementine

We went and picked up Little Clementine this morning. She sure is a cutie pie! But my goodness is she a big girl. Since she was one of only two in the litter neither had to fight too hard to get their mommy's milk, so they bulked up.

Here are a whole bunch of pics of our new baby. She and her big sis', Bluebonnet, are getting along great.

On the floor of the car on the way home

Meeting Lulu for the first time

getting pets from Cousin Madeleine

roaming the yard at Frank & Lulu's

meeting her big sister Bluebonnet

they seem to like each other

they started wrestling in no time

smooth paws means no traction on the parquet floors

big yawn for a little puppers

Clemmie has the slanty face just like Blue

Clemmie comes through doggie door with daddy's help

Blue shows Clemmie how to drink from the bird bath

The girls chillaxin' in the ivy

Clemmie's home!

Here is the new addition to the D Family! For more pics, you'll have to go to the Hound Dawg Blog...


Her last days of peace and quiet

I probably have hundreds (no exaggeration) of pictures of Bluebonnet just laying down or sleeping. That is because this dog is sometimes so picky about what she's laying on that it's downright hilarious. This picture is an example of how she creates her own comfort. Kris and I sat and watched her manipulate these pillows with her little shorty front legs to get them just right for her 4th evening nap.

We just looked at her and smiled because we know in just a few short weeks her little sister is probably going to be annoying the crap out of her. And at that we will just look at each other and smile because she so deserves it.

I'm counting down the minutes

It's a very good Friday. I have been looking forward to tomorrow for 6 weeks now. In less than 24 hours we are picking up the new puppy in Lexington!

Kris and I have been stressed out trying to figure out how to best introduce Blue to the new puppy. Blue has been an only dog for 2.5 years; she is spoiled rotten and she most certainly rules the D Family roost. She's our first priority. We want to make sure she not only minds this puppy in the house but that she loves the puppy.

I have made it more than evident how much Blue means to me. She is my best friend in the world, my #1 girl. She tolerates me (with the brushing, nail clipping and bear hugs) as much as I tolerate her (sock-stealing, general sassy attitude). I still wonder if I can love another dog as much as I love her. With Basset puppies being the cutest thing on the planet it shouldn't be too hard, though.

Blue has brought us so much happiness on a daily basis that we knew adding another Basset to our little family at this time was the right thing to do. Even last night we paused the tv to watch and listen to her eat a pizza crust. It's the cutest thing and it never gets old. We especially get a kick out of her very unlady-like belches afterward. And then there are patented moves:
• Twirly get closer - when she was allowed on the bed, she'd twirl and twirl to get in as close to us as possible
• Twirly get comfy - she will get up on the pile of pillows on her couch and twirl around until they are just right to plop down on
• Back it up - When she's next to me on the reclining couch she backs up as far as she can into the right angle my body makes with the couch
• Pathetic - whether she's just come in from a walk or she's trying to escape the heat she will find a cool spot on the floor and lie there in the way of all foot traffic looking as pathetic as possible
• Can I tell you something! - if you've ever entered the front door to our house, you've seen this one; she jumps on your legs and gives a look as though she is just bursting to tell you about the latest mistreatment by Kris and me

We can only hope that the new puppy has half the personality that Blue does. We will consider ourselves very lucky if that is how it turns out.


Round Rock Dog Park

Yesterday, we took Bluebonnet to the dog park in Round Rock instead of going to the Burnett Jones Band at C-Hunt's. Blue had been to the vet the day before and in a week she's no longer going to be an only child so I felt the need to spoil her a bit. Here are some pictures from her outing.

on the balance equipment

she climbed the logs to get a treat

she makes friends where ever she goes

she found this guy that liked to pet her...

and then she tried to leave with him