The Clean Take-Down and the Pile Driver

My life is mostly about my dog. So what! I had more fun with these two dogs last night than I do with most humans (with the exception of Feelin' No Pain and Flux Capacitor).

I couldn't actually capture Rocky's patented Body Slam on Bluebonnet but I got these other gems:

Clean Take-Down
Pile DriverI really don't even know if these are the correct wrestling terms for the techniques pictured, but they sounded funny.


Why I love my husband

The last few weeks at work have been difficult as I try very hard to seek a new and challenging role. I've had a couple things come up in my personal life that have left me either upset or confused. During the day today I called my husband to pretty much whine about one of these particular issues. He just listened to me and when I was done he said "Well here's what I think you should do... ... but ultimately don't let it ruin your day." A few hours later I received a text message that said "I left something for you on the table. I hope it cheers you up."

When I get home, I find that he has framed an 8x10 picture of Bluebonnet for me to put on my desk at work so I'll always remember when I'm away from home that my happiness is waiting for me there.


Body Slam Me Rocky!

Blue isn't much of a fighter. She often will submit to other dogs and just lie on her back and try to swat her short little legs at them as they playfully jump around her. Her new friend, Rocky, however has shown Bluebonnet some new moves... specifically, the Body Slam. Maybe someday we will be able to capture the Rocky Body Slam on camera, but until then, here's a picture of Bluebonnet just waiting for it.


I Want to Squeeze the Crap out of my Dog

It is not legal for a dog to be this cute. While I was working in the home office today, I noticed that Bluebonnet's newest obsession, Henrietta, was right next to my foot so I called her over for some Henrietta Tug of War and some fetch.


Tired dog = Happy Mommy

It's 80 freakin' degrees in February in Austin, Texas. So on a late sunny Sunday afternoon that means one thing... take the pooch for a nice long walk which accomplishes three things - exercise for mommy, exercise for doggie and a restful evening for everyone.

Lucky for me I have two choices of park in my neighborhood; one for walking a specific distance that has a track to go around and around (Schroeter Park) and one for more leisurely walking with a nice dip in the pond for your feet before heading back home (The Quarries Park). Today we opted for The Quarries Park where Bluebonnet got some brief off-leash time to run and play before putting her paws in the pond.
The proof is in the pictures on how successful I was at tiring her out.