The seat stealer

At our house, if you get up from your seat on the couch you can be almost certain that when you come back, a Basset Hound named Bluebonnet will be in your spot.



She heard daddy open the door to the ice box.

Perfecting the hang-dog look

Clementine has this one down. I would say that it is as good as Derek Zoolander's Blue Steel.


Well I guess it is the only warm side of the bed these days

The girls curled up on my side of the bed this morning after their breakfast. I think Clem will pass out when she sees mom tonight. Blue will maybe get off her leather throne.

They haven't seen anyone excpet me for a whole week.


We are STILL looking for mama

Ok...joke's over. Where is mommy? Clem, otherwise known as Slash, for her appetite for destruction, always has her head pointed toward the front door. Last night I went looking for her about midnight only to find her sitting in the entry looking at the door in darkness. In other news Blue has been showing her dissapproval of mommy's departure by dusting me with some of the most fowl orders known to mankind. Last night as I was once again hit with the gas I turned around only to see Blue standing in the doorway on her way out of the room looking back to see my reaction.


When is she coming home?

The girls have joined me in the office this evening. They are used to a few more treats than normal when dad is on his own.


Attention Readers!

This is Kris, Tobi's husband, making my first post on the blog. Tobi is going on a business trip for the week and I have been handed the reigns while she's gone. I figured that I would be sending her these pics anyway so why not post to the dog blog and let her 2 readers see it as well.

Thanks and be sure to check back all week for pictures of my bitches.

Kris, esq.

The result of an early morning walk

Clementine and I are very similar - we are both morning people, we are both short and we are both busy bodies! ;). But when I am bored I read. When she is bored she destroys things.

Since Kris gets up and feeds the dogs on the weekends I usually get to sleep in. After the feeding this morning Kris and Blue came back to bed but I could hear Clementine still walking around. After hearing a few noises I got up and saw that she had stolen a shoe and a hat. It was at that point that I looked at her and said "Are you trying to tell me something? Are you bored? Would you like to go for a walk?"

And with that I put on flip flops and clipped on her leash and we went around the block. Now she's exhausted and I am happy that I could successfully read her cues.


Clementine killed Ricardo Tubbs

This is all that is left of our Ricardo Tubbs collector doll. She chewed off both hands and both feet and really gnawed on his head. His pistol and shades are no where to be found.

It's like we can't ever have anything nice.


Locked out

That's right. I locked them out. Why? Because they don't know how to keep the horseplay outside.

As soon as the little one chased the big one out the doggie door I dropped the cover. So naturally when they tried to come barrelling back through it they were met with an unpleasant surprise to the noggin.

Now they are sitting out there staring at me as if I am the worst person in the world after Michael Vick.

Computer Woes, an original poem

Dearest readers of this blog,
And lovers of the dog,
I'm sorry I've been so absent;
it has not been with intent.

Last week we made a sad discovery;
the dead computer would not respond to attempts of recovery.

Getting a replacement may take a little while
And will required many trips down the Best Buy computer aisle.

I know you miss our pictures
and the videos that are herky-jerky;
But what can I do,
Our computer, he is no workee.
Note: All blogging for the time being will be done via mobile device, so please forgive the picture quality.


I like to call this segment of my Blog... REALLY?!!

Is she really laying down in the middle of the clothes I just washed and dried and am now trying to fold! Really?!? Really!?!


DOT on the GO

I wasn't able to upload the video that I wanted to post today. And I am very sad about that because it really showed the differences between Clementine and Bluebonnet in their personalities. I will try to post it next week. For now you will just have to look at this picture of cute little Clementine that I am sending from my mobile (that's why it's Dogs on Thursday on the go) - she's trying to get some shut eye if her MAMA WOULD JUST STOP TAKING PICTURES WITH THE FLASH ON.