Not awesome

Little Bits continued her reign of terror in the D Haus. Today while we were at work she gutted one of the couch pillows. Since she did it while were out we couldn't fuss at her... So there was nothing left to do but take a picture of it and put it on the Interweb.


The Loner

Clementine is a loner. As I've said before she will follow me around because she thinks that anytime I move around there is the possibility that she will get some food. However, for the most part, she is a loner. Kris, Blue and I will get up on the couch and resume our normal spots nightly - sometimes Clementine will join us. Even if she does though, within 10 minutes she will leave us and jump on the other couch perpendicular to us, twirl around on top of the pillows and then plant herself.


My real shadow

Lately Clementine will follow me wherever I go. For a while we thought it was just because she was going to be a mama's girl. But now we really know that it is because she thinks that there is always a small chance she will get food.
Bluebonnet is my real shadow. She follows me around because she wants to be near me. I believe that she looks at me as her best friend as much as do. I can't count the number of times that I will turn around from washing dishes or putting on my make-up or taking clothes out the dryer and there she is.
I hope it will always be this way and that everytime I turn around she is just lying there with the look that she just wants to be near me.



This post brought to you by the letter K

After reading Chan's post today I wanted to participate and she emailed me the letter K. So here goes...

10 Things I like that begin with the letter K...

1. Kris - My husband of almost 6 years.
2. Keurig - The world's best coffee maker. I named ours Kasey.
3. Kick - as in "I like to KICK, STREEEEEEETCH and KICK!"
4. Kiwi - One of my favorite fruits. If I sat for a while and thought about it I could be inspired to create a meal and a sewing project based on the kiwi.
5. Kites - Every year in Austin there is a kite festival. Bluebonnet and I went last year. I loved laying on the ground and looking up at all the kites - there were kites that looked like bombers and kites that looked like blowfish. I never knew how creative you could get with a kite!
6. Kuckoo! My friend Scooter likes to call people Dum Dum, it's not in a mean way, it's actually very funny. I think I'm going to bring back Kuckoo - when said with a Cajun accent it's pretty funny, it's more like "koo. koo."
7. King of Kong - A really good documentary.
8. Kisses - from my husband, from my doggies, from my nieces and nephews, from my mama... they are all good!
9. Key Lime Pie - I love to make Key Lime Pies with Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Juice. One summer for a week straight I made 4 at a time!
10. Kaplan Mix - A song by Travis Matte & The Zydeco Kingpins, I always keep it on my iPod

Weekly post for Grandma

Hi Grandma,
Daddy is finally bonding with me. I think it has to do with the fact that I am not peeing on the floor very much anymore. The less time he spends using the mop the more time he can spend with me.



Very special visitors

Today my friend Shani came over with her awesome kids Daveon, Ajhei and Idrissa. They had been wanting to meet the doggies and we finally were able to get our schedules together and make it happen. Shani's girls are twins and they brought both of my girls a polar bear toy. I thought this was a very sweet gesture and an indication of how much they were looking forward to meeting the Super Bassets. Needless to say, my girls had a great time and loved every minute of the doting and petting and ear rubbing by the kids. I definitely hope we can do it again soon.



Last Thursday night I blogged about my friend Cody coming over and taking some pics of me and the girls in the backyard. He took over 150 pics but we only got a few good ones because Clementine does not sit still. Cody is thinking of starting a part-time pet and children's photography business and I really think he should. Here is the best of the best:

Clementine continues her reign of destruction

First it was dollar bills, then countless ball caps and socks. Now Clementine has moved on to electronics. Here is a picture of Kris' Xbox controller that Dexter found in the doghouse in the backyard. We had been looking for it for a week. We knew she took it but couldn't find it. Dex came over last night and he always heads over to the doghouse - the one place we didn't look. So mystery solved but man is she in trouble.



Today my friend Cody came over and took some candid pics of me and Kris and the girls with his nice SLR camera. He took them all in color but is going to edit some of them into black and white at my request. I am really excited to see how they come out. Cody took some great shots of his two dogs, Rocky and Sugar, and I am sure my pics will come out just as great.

The family is now all huddled up on one couch watching 24 on DVR. Its really cold tonight and Kris made us a fire. An Arctic front is supposed to be coming through Austin tonight so that means we will all be keep each othe warm in the little bed again tonight.


Good morning Grandma

Tell Louie hi for me and I will see him for Easter and we can play all day and be Deck Dogs together.

Do Your Ears Hang Low

Yesterday on sweet Martha's Blog she posted a poem written about Basset Hounds. That reminded me of this song I have sang to Bluebonnet since she was a puppy. I only know two verses of the song so I'm actually happy to have found this website because some of the verses are perfect for Bassets. So here is a compilation of our favorite verses and I'm planning on making a short video with my digital camera and acting out the verses with Bluebonnet's ears.

Do your ears hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulderlike a continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?

Do your ears flip-flop?
Can you use them for a mop?
Are they stringy at the bottom?
Are they curly at the top?
Can you use them for a swatter?
Can you use them for a blotter?
Do your ears flip-flop?

Do your ears hang out?
Can you waggle them about?
Can you flip them up and downas you fly around the town?
Can you shut them up for surewhen you hear an awful bore?
Do your ears hang out?

Do your ears stretch wide?
Do they reach from side to side?
Can you use them as a parachute or wings that let you glide?
Can you cast a cooling shadow over most of Colorado?
Do your ears stretch wide?

Are your ears too big?
Are they heavy as a pig?
Do they bruise your cerebellum when you dance an Irish jig?
Can they function as the anchors for a fleet of oil tankers?
Are your ears too big?

Are your ears quite clean?
Do they have a lovely sheen?
Did you harvest all the vegetables that grow down in between?
Did you wash out all the soil after all your farming toil?
Are your ears quite clean?

Do your ears hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulderlike a continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?



The family that walks together

You would think that walking a dog is the same every time... but not when you have Bassets and not when one of them is a puppy. Clementine is undoubtedly the world's worst leash walker - but we keep trying. We know that eventually she will be as good on a leash as Bluebonnet is now. Well that is if she doesn't successfully undo all the good we've managed to instill in Blue.

We started out paired off with what Kris refers to as "our dogs" - that would mean he is with his beloved Bluebonnet and I am with Clementine aka The Tasmanian Devil or Scrappy-Do. It was pretty rough and I kept complaining and Kris finally just took the leash from me, put her in a submission hold, then got up her up, went off on a nice pace and tugged on the leash when she lost focus. By the end of the walk she was much better and I think Kris is interested to see how she improves so that will be a fun little activity for this family.

Blue and I stayed behind them so Clemmie could focus. When she was focused for long stretches and was walking in a jaunty manner she was just about the cutest thing you've ever seen on 4 legs. I also observed Blue from behind when Kris was walking her - she has much junk in the trunk. We've got one with a skinny little tushy and one with a big ol' caboose.


Watching the game with daddy

On Tuesday night the girls put on their jerseys to watch the Texas vs. Arkansas game with daddy. Clemmie's is a little big but it's still adorable.


Walking them gave them more energy

My plan to walk the girls tonight to tire them out didn't work. It backfired. Less than an hour after we got back they decided it was time to annoy and chase each other. Wait let me rephrase that... Clementine decided it was time to annoy Bluebonnet.

After they stopped chasing each other and decided to calm down Clementine proceeded to sit on Bluebonnet's head and walk over her...

But seriously - how can you look at these pictures and not see why I'm so in love with these dogs. Endless entertainment and unconditional love is all I need, I'm so easy.


Blue & Clem's NYE getaway

Here are the rest of the pics from the trip we took last week to Buchanan Dam where the girls got to spend quality time with "their cousins" Dexter and Charlie. Does it look like my girls had a good time or what???