Clementine and the birdbath

Look up at my masthead.

See that little puppy underneath it?

This is that puppy almost 9 months later at the same birdbath.


Weekly pic for grandma

Dear Grandma,
Today I helped mommy with the dishes. I stood next to the dishwasher while she loaded it and licked up the crumbs that fell. I think I did a pretty good job but I didn't get a treat or anything. Can you please talk to her about rewarding her kids for helping with chores? Thanks, Grandma.

Love you,
Clementine Francine

Fresh new collars on the way

I have got an addiction to Etsy something fierce. There are just so many beautiful things that I can't help myself. Today, however, I hit the jackpot. I'd heard about The Mod Dog but never checked it out until today. Long story short, Blue and Clemmie have new collars on the way. And they are too cute for words so I'm going to just show you pictures instead:

For Bluebonnet - My Backyard

For Clementine - Squirrels just want to have fun

How cute are these??? I can see how it might seem nuts to have more than one collar plus a spare for a dog but my girls wear their collars all the time, 24/7 and I get tired of seeing the same one over and over again. In my defense though, I only change them out once every 4 months to be cleaned and swapped. I think they will be quite happy with their new accessories!


Reeses & Snickers

A while back my friend Yvette asked me to doggysit her girls, Reeses and Snickers. They are the sweetest Shih Tzu dogs and so cute. Reeses, the older one liked to climb on the back of the couch and sit right behind my head. Her little sis Snickers liked to stay outside - it was a cool night so I kept the sliding glass door open and would go out and check on her. She would be standing at the end of the patio where the wind was blowing through and just enjoy the wind going through her hair. It was the cutest thing!

All 4 girls got along even though Bluebonnet did a bit of bullying up front. Thankfully, Yvette and her husband knew Bluebonnet and that she wouldn't hurt their dogs so instead of scooping them up at Bluebonnet's display of dominance they just let them sort it out and all was fine.


The TGIF Hounds

If you haven't found Ben and Roscoe and Rufus on You Tube yet then you have been missing out. They are the TGIF Hounds - a new video every Friday. Be sure to check out all the videos here. Last week was a special St. Patty's day video:

Don't miss the Bath Hounds video, it's probably my favorite of all of them.


What is it about doggy paws?

I took this picture a few minutes ago. Bluebonnet put her paw on top of one of Clementine's and I thought Wow this is the sweetest thing. However I do realize that in a matter of minutes Bluebonnet will most likely be growling at Clementine for attempting to sit on her head or even thinking about looking at Blue's food.


Shameless post asking for money

Bluebonnet and I are participating in the ASPCA Wag-n-Walk on April 18. Our goal is to raise $250. Dog causes mean more to me than anything and I know that my blog friends understand this without me even having to elaborate. Everyone I've met through Dogs on Thursday has the same unconditional, amazing, unquestionable love for our dogs. The level of committment and devotion to our four-legged best friends is unparalled because a relationship with a dog is like no other. So Blue and I are really walking in honor of and on behalf of all of our sweet friends out there. Please donate if you can, every single cent helps us reach our goal.

Here is the sweet Ambassador page we set up through the ASPCA events website. I'll probably be pushing this pretty hard for the next couple of weeks so please forgive me if this reaches the level of obnoxious, I promise it won't last very long and you won't see it again until next year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs from me and slobbery, wet kisses from Blue and Clemmie.



Y'all - this is after a 15 minute walk. Is she serious? My breathing pattern didn't even change.


Been a rough day...

And I can't wait to get home to them...


Weekly Post for Grandma

Grandma's weekly post is a bit early this week but that is because Clementine couldn't wait to share her Report Card from Doggy Daycare. Yesterday was Clemmie's first day at Taurus Training & Doggy Daycare and I have to admit I was a bit worried about her. Bluebonnet was socialized very early on because we weren't able to run home and check on her during the day. Blue enjoyed doggy day care at Leslie's Pet Purrfections from 6 months old to almost 24 months old nearly every day. Because Clementine had a companion and a doggy door from the day we brought her home she only socialized with her sissy and our friends' dogs (so really just Dexter and Charlie). We also thought that Bluebonnet might like a break from Clementine's constant requests to run and play.

Anyway... Taurus is wonderful. They called me mid-day to let me know that Clementine was doing great and having fun. Kris picked her up around 5 and brought her home and I squealed with delight when he produced a "report card." How adorable is that?!?!?!?! Of course, she got wonderful comments and it was cute to read that she made friends and took a nap - just like a human baby!

So this is for Grandma to see how good her youngest granddog did on her first day at school. Click on the images to see them enlarged.

The front:
The back:


Weekly post for Grandma

Wake up a little Bluesie, wake up!