Mama's Girl...

They are rare, but I definitely am one.

Big ol' yawn

Clemmie is the cutest. I just love everything about her. Being owned by a Basset is good for the soul.

Under the weather

Me... Not her. She is nursing me back to health. She makes me feel better instantly.



Halloween 2012

They wore the same costumes as last year. Hound doggie mama fail.


Quiet morning time

Blue likes to sit and stare out into the backyard... occassionally she'll run outside when she sees a squirrel that is invading her turf.


Snug as a bug

While I find Blue's high-maintenance behaviour obnoxious, I also secretly love it. The girl knows what she wants. And sometimes that means being tucked in before she goes night-night.


All of my babies...

Cuddled up on the couch on a cold winter's day.
I hope that everyone has a picture like this... a picture that captures what you love the most dearly and makes you smile everytime you look at it; that actually makes your heart feel warm; and that makes you choose to turn a bad day into a good one.