Bluebonnet's Mailbag

Baby girl Bluebonnet,

I have pretty much had all I can take from you. Last night you crossed the line sister. You have peed in MY AND YOUR FATHER'S bed for the last time. I am not sure why did this last night or the two times before but I wish I could understand. All I can say is that you are so lucky that we had that super thick mattress cover so your ridiculous amount of urine didn't penetrate all the way through the comforter, sheet or fitted sheet to the mattress cover. Because I'm not sure you wouldn't be homeless right now, walking the streets of Northwest Austin holding up a sign that reads Will Sit Pretty for Food if pee had touched the actual mattress.

The time has come to wean you from sleeping in the bed with us. It's going to be rough and there will be a lot of tears (mostly from you and daddy), but it has to be done. You are a big girl now and you need to find a spot for yourself one one of the 3 couches, 5 arm chairs and huge doggie bed available to you. And really, aren't you tired of getting kicked about the head, stomach and spine from my jimmy-legs?

In time, I hope you will realize that I am doing this for you because I love you.


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