Caring for Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet gets utterly excited about three things:
1. company coming over
2. anytime I pick up her leash
3. when I say the word "treat"

She also loves riding in the car. She's a very good passenger. But that wasn't always the case. Back when I first started taking to her puppy day care she was a little uneasy in the car. On one occasion, I hit a pot hole pretty hard and it scared her so much that she jumped under my legs making it difficult for me to push the pedals. I couldn't coax her out from under my legs and I actually made the situation worse when I started banging on my steering wheel and screaming "What are you doing?" Somehow I was able to make it to daycare without getting a wreck or driving us off the side of the road.

Today I took her nibs to the vet where she got two shots, her ears cleaned, her temperature checked and a fecal exam - oh, and we also discovered that she has taken off over 10 lbs (she once weighed 52 lbs and is now at a svelte 41.8 lbs). I must say that she handled it better than I would have - one guy restraining your torso and another putting foreign objects up your bum... so not my idea of a party. However, my girl was a trooper today, a real trooper. She was whisked away from the vet's office for her 10:30 appointment with the groomers. The pictures above where taken during her car rides today.

Now she's exhausted... but more importantly she's tri-colored again, her nails are short, about 5 lbs of fur is gone and she doesn't smell liked dried mud on the bottom of shoes. The second we got in the house, she ran outside, peed, pooped, came right back and passed out on a pile of decorative pillows - she's taking a well deserved rest. Even though she looks so peaceful and content right now, all I want to do is mess with her and poke her in the belly and pull her ears. Sometimes I can be annoying. I'd say that's a taste of her own medicine.

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