Bevo's Pirogue

Er... I mean Beveaux's Pirogue!!! My father had a pirogue custom made for Kris and I. It's 5 feet long and the inside is painted with fiber glass so that we can use it in place of a beer bucket. This is the beginning stages of transforming it from a beautiful, simple Cypress boat into an awesome tailgate-scape for the ultimate Longhorn fan/tailgate host. And yes, I just created the term tailgate-scape - even tailgates have centerpieces and pizazz.

Mr. Frank sanding off a bit of the stain that had dripped.

Spraying in the primer

You can see that Kris is smiling... he likes the way the color is coming out!

Almost done with the painting part...

Paint is on - sides and bottom are orange, taped up trim on the ends is white.

Now all we need to do is add the big white Longhorn decal on the side and a special something to the bow. Pics of the finished product and from the tailgate will be posted next week. Have a great weekend everybody!


Channon said...

Beautiful! And of course tailgates need the right "centerpieces" too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet it will look awesome when it's done. Be sure to take pics!!!

fnp cook said...

your using my likeness without my permission