Like McRib... I'm back even after my FAREWELL tour

That's right, if for no other reason then my mother told me that she missed my blog. So... yeah... the blog is back! It's been a 9 month hiatus so many things have happened in our household for both the humans and the canine babies since I last posted, most notably Little Clementine Francine turned 2 years old! I can't go back and recap the past 9 months so I'll just jump to today. It's Christmastime, the best time of year. Here's some snapshots around the Ditmore house:

The longhorns got garland this year!

The girls in their Jingle Bell collars

Once the temp drops below 60 degrees we can have a nice fire

Bluebonnet thinks she hears Santee!

Beer coaster garland

I couldn't find traditional wooden shoes so these resin cowboy boots will have to do!


Channon said...

Welcome back! What a cute come-back post too.

The Teacher's Pets said...

Hello there!
I am so glad you came back to Blogville! I remember your farewell blog post from long ago and I remember that you mentioned you had shared too much and were ended your Blogville "membership" and I was sad (but I understood completely b/c it is not easy to keep a blog going) but I am glad you are back b/c your blog was absolutely entertaining and terrific...plus, you have hound dogs and what other dogs are better than hounds?

Tina. said...

Even though I catch up with you on facebook, I love your blog posts! Welcome back!