The puppy we don't even have yet gets a name change

It's very possible this could happen again, but as of today the new puppy's name is being changed to Clementine. While I love the name Miss Texas, as previously posted, I think that Clementine is a better choice. Like every other impulsive thing I do, I have not cleared this with Kris, who is out of town for 2 days, but I sent him a text message letting him know about my preference. We'll just have to see how this shakes out.

I really wanted to name the new puppy in the same vain as Bluebonnet... after a character in one of my favorite movies. Bluebonnet was named after Bluebonnet Spearman in Open Range. Clementine is going to be named after Clementine Kruczynski from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also figured that since one of Blue's many nicknames is BBQ Chicken Festival Queen that Miss Texas can be Clem's nickname.

BTW, Clementine turned 3 weeks old this past Monday and the breeder is going to try to get some new pics out to us this week.

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madelyn said...

I love the new name! You can definitely call her Miss Texas as a nickname. We call Sugar Miss Sugar! I can't wait to see the new puppy pics.