End of the year blog post about the girls

I was reading back through this blog which I only started 5 short months ago. I found this one which talked a little bit about Clementine's developing personality. I thought that now might be a good time to give another update on that same subject but do it for both girls and make it extra poignant by giving it an end-of-year theme. So here goes...


She turned 3 this year. It seems like it's gone by very fast and despite all this time I still see a puppy sometimes when I look at her. Bluebonnet's personality changed quite a bit when Clementine came along. She truly was a spoiled only dog and got nothing less than 100% of my attention when we were in the same place. I could go on and on about how close I am to this dog and how much I feel as though she really is my best friend. I'd go as far as to say that she's my soulmate if I believed in soulmates. I just know that when I sit on the couch she sits next to me... in the same exact spot, every time. She looks right into my eyes and makes me feel like she understands what I'm saying. She stopped stealing socks and takes a lot less time to calm down than she used to. I can tell by the way she walks with her head and tail up that she still loves going on walks with me. She is still one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet and isn't afraid to bathe you in kisses. As far as I can tell she has only one flaw - she takes food/treats away from Clementine.


She's now 6 months old and her personality has been pretty consistent so it will be interesting to see what she is like in 6 months, a year, 3 years. She is still very independent at home. While she does tend to follow me around she will also go outside on her own for long periods of time content with chewing a stick or she will sit in the corner of the living room on her bed when everyone else is on the couch. Outside of the house is a different story - she clearly misses Bluebonnet when she's not around. Her first trip out of the house was to the vet. When I put her down on the ground as we entered the foyer coming home she darted around the corner in the living room looking for Blue. Once she found her she jumped all over her and didn't leave her side for a few hours. Like Bluebonnet she makes eye-contact and makes me feel like she understands what I'm telling her. Which is odd since most of the time she does the exact opposite. We knew Bassets were stubborn and we ran into this with Bluebonnet, but Clemmie brings a whole new meaning to the word stubborn and it is a sight to behold. She is still razor thin and we are still doing our best to put weight on her. As of right now I call her my Little Basset Baby but I'm not sure how much longer that will last since she is growing longer and taller.

Both of the girls bring me so much happiness and I thank Kris everyday for allowing 3 needy and stubbon women to share a home with him. I honestly think my life would be severly lacking something special if I didn't have those dogs to go home to everyday. I look forward to more blogging this year on behalf of the girls and hope to get a better camera soon to take some higher quality and more interesting photos.

Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone!

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