More on Clemmie...

We don't know much about her yet. She's only 7 weeks old tomorrow. But she's adorable and that gets you very far in our house.

She seems to be smart... like REALLY smart. She went through the dog door on her own 3 times today. She also seems to be pretty sassy - she will sit behind Bluebonnet and chew on her tail with increasing vigor until Blue runs her off. She is by no means potty trained but if you bring her outside to the grass she will conduct some business.

We realize that with Bluebonnet as her old sister that we run the risk of having two spoiled Basset Hounds with bad attitudes and selective hearing but you really can't put a price on cuteness and willingness to cuddle at any time. These days it's crate - quality time - back to the crate but in just 6 short months she'll have free reign of the house during the day just like Bluebonnet. With any luck, we will come home to two very tired dogs everyday. I can dream, can't I?

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