5 lbs lighter and hopefully 10 degrees cooler

After seeing first hand Cody's results of using a Furbuster on Rocky, I decided to get one for Bluebonnet. Please believe me when I say that Bluebonnet sheds more than any other dog on the planet. We have to keep 3 pet hair rollers in the house just to be able to keep up with the amount of hair she loses. Last weekend a friend came to the house and had to practically use an entire roller on himself so I decided enough was enough. I spent about an hour yesterday brushing Bluebonnet with the Furbuster, which is very similar to the Furminator, but made by Bamboo Care and is slightly cheaper.

The Furbuster

After the first 15 minutes all the hair that came loose

A sample of what comes out

About 30 minutes worth of brushing - all of this could be loose in my house

Her coat is visibly thinner and I'm sure she feels cooler


The puppy we don't even have yet gets a name change

It's very possible this could happen again, but as of today the new puppy's name is being changed to Clementine. While I love the name Miss Texas, as previously posted, I think that Clementine is a better choice. Like every other impulsive thing I do, I have not cleared this with Kris, who is out of town for 2 days, but I sent him a text message letting him know about my preference. We'll just have to see how this shakes out.

I really wanted to name the new puppy in the same vain as Bluebonnet... after a character in one of my favorite movies. Bluebonnet was named after Bluebonnet Spearman in Open Range. Clementine is going to be named after Clementine Kruczynski from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I also figured that since one of Blue's many nicknames is BBQ Chicken Festival Queen that Miss Texas can be Clem's nickname.

BTW, Clementine turned 3 weeks old this past Monday and the breeder is going to try to get some new pics out to us this week.


The first pictures of our new addition

Here are the first pictures of Miss Texas. She was born on Monday, June 30th and the dog breeder emailed these pics to us on Thursday along with pics of her mom, Daisy and her dad, Oliver. We originally were told that her dad was Leroy who happens to be Blue's dad, but the breeder was mistaken. While we think that would have been very cool, we weren't too disappointed about the news.

She will be 6 weeks old on August 11th so the following Saturday we are going to drive up to Lexington to pick her up and bring her home. She's a Lemon & White Basset so she'll be quite a contrast to her big sister who is Tri-Colored, we hope that the differences between them stop at their outward appearance and can only wish that she will have half the personality that Bluebonnet does. With Bluebonnet doing most of the rearing after Miss Texas is 6 months old and no longer spending her days in a crate that is pretty likely to happen.


The first video of Bluebonnet

This was taken on January 31, 2006. We had her exactly 3 days when this was taken. She was almost 7 weeks old. It's pretty short but all of the others I have of her are quite long. This one is one of my favorites... she had just noticed her reflection and I guess the glass tasted good.