Weekly post for Grandma

Mommy just finished telling us all about the trip to Louisiana in April. I don't know what EESTER is but it sounds fun. I want to be a deck dog like Uncle Louie. Mommy said that I cannot go on the canoe with her and Blue because I am too aggrivating and I don't listen. I told her that I don't care because I will just make sweet eyes at you for food.
Love you,
Clementine Francine

P.S. I weigh almost 30 pounds now but you can still are my ribs. Please tell your daughter to feed me more.


Martha Basset said...

Hi Clemmie and Blue, your holiday at Easter sounds like fun!
We will be going away in our caravan up to the north of Scotland but Louisiana sounds cool!
You are still a puppy Clemmie so dont worry about the weight but we will tell your mom to feed you more if it helps! Especially those nice burgers you love.
lots of love
Martha & Bailey xx

Tina. said...

Oh my Clementine you poor dear, Sampson knows just how you feel, being "left out" and starving to death, why he has to resort to stealing Honey Dew's bisquits when she isn't looking just to get by! All 58 pounds of him.

I am sure your grammie will fix you right up!