Spay Day

Today Clementine is getting spayed. Please keep her in your thoughts and hope with me and Kris that she makes it out just fine and recovers quickly. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I'm a little sad about today. Even though I've been through this already with Bluebonnet, Clementine just seems so much more of a little bitty puppy to me. I left her with the wonderful folks at Animal Trustees of Austin with her favorite toy - her striped, squeaky teddy bear; I did the same for Bluebonnet but instead of Teddy she had one of her daddy's socks.


Me and Bluebonnet leaving for Animal Trustees of Austin, August 2006 -
She was almost 9 months old.

Me and Clementine this morning leaving for ATA, February 2009 -
She's just over 7 months old.


Martha Basset said...

Poor Clemintine, we will be thinking of you. Martha will have to be spayed next month - the only thing that saved her so far was that she was in season. Bailey's bald patch still growing in!
Try not to worry Tobi.........
Hugs from everyone in Scotland xx

Channon said...

My thoughts are with you and Clementine... I always explain what's going to happen to my pets, as if they really can understand every word that comes out of my mouth...

Tina. said...

We are thinking of you Clementine, but you will feel much better in a week! Then you won't have to mess with...well...the mess! Love and slobber kisses,

Honey Dew and Sampson

Sue said...

All my girls are thinking happy thoughts for Clementine. They've all been thru it.