Shameless post asking for money

Bluebonnet and I are participating in the ASPCA Wag-n-Walk on April 18. Our goal is to raise $250. Dog causes mean more to me than anything and I know that my blog friends understand this without me even having to elaborate. Everyone I've met through Dogs on Thursday has the same unconditional, amazing, unquestionable love for our dogs. The level of committment and devotion to our four-legged best friends is unparalled because a relationship with a dog is like no other. So Blue and I are really walking in honor of and on behalf of all of our sweet friends out there. Please donate if you can, every single cent helps us reach our goal.

Here is the sweet Ambassador page we set up through the ASPCA events website. I'll probably be pushing this pretty hard for the next couple of weeks so please forgive me if this reaches the level of obnoxious, I promise it won't last very long and you won't see it again until next year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs from me and slobbery, wet kisses from Blue and Clemmie.

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