Reeses & Snickers

A while back my friend Yvette asked me to doggysit her girls, Reeses and Snickers. They are the sweetest Shih Tzu dogs and so cute. Reeses, the older one liked to climb on the back of the couch and sit right behind my head. Her little sis Snickers liked to stay outside - it was a cool night so I kept the sliding glass door open and would go out and check on her. She would be standing at the end of the patio where the wind was blowing through and just enjoy the wind going through her hair. It was the cutest thing!

All 4 girls got along even though Bluebonnet did a bit of bullying up front. Thankfully, Yvette and her husband knew Bluebonnet and that she wouldn't hurt their dogs so instead of scooping them up at Bluebonnet's display of dominance they just let them sort it out and all was fine.

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