Weekly post for Grandma

Hi Grammy,
Mommy just told me that you are going to the Ernest Family Pond this weekend. I'm soooo jealous. I remember what a good time I had there and wish I could be with you and Grampy and Lovey and the rest of the family this weekend. I put my favorite picture from my last visit below... don't I just look like a little water baby?!?! Mommy has promised to do something extra fun with me tomorrow even if it means she has to go out in the "damn hot & humid Texas weather" (her words, not mine).

Love you big, big, big...



Martha Basset said...

Hi Clemmie
You look very wet and very happy! Sounds like you and your mom need to find somewhere with water - have the best weekend!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

The Army of Four said...

Woo, Clemmie. My mom says it's "stinkin' hot" here. I think it's similar to what you have.

Anonymous said...

hi! we got here thru Farley's blog! love this smile :)
and i really like the masthead of your blog.

Jasmine, BamBam and Eski