♥ The Birthday Girl ♥

Today is Clementine's actual birthday. It's hard to believe that she's already a year old. I have contemplated celebrating the girls' birthdays on the days that we brought them home but as it turns out those days are the birthdays of two of my favorite relatives - my beloved aunt who passed away last year was born on January 28, in 2006 we brought Bluebonnet home on that day and my one and only nephew was born on August 16, on that day last year was when we brought little Clementine home to our family when she was a little over 6 weeks old. So I decided to celebrate with the girls on the day they came into the world.

Last night Kris' parents, who our nieces call Frank & Lulu so my girls will too, sent over some pressies for the girls since they couldn't come to the party. Kris also told us that he showed Frank & Lulu the link to the little blog here so now we have 2 more readers! Yay! Below I decided to post a picture of the sweet gifts that Frank & Lulu sent over and a picture from last year when we brought Clemmie over to meet the grandparents!

Meeting Lulu for the first time, 8/16/2008

More sweet b'day gifts


Channon said...

Happy birthday, Clementine!

Gretchen came home on the eve of Sissy's birthday, and Sissy's birthday is the eve of our anniversary, so we have enough to celebrate then. Sissy came home on Dec. 14th, and the last thing we need is another thing to celebrate in December...

Martha Basset said...

Happy Official Birthday Clementine Francine!
We absolutely love your puppy picture!
A whole year on and you are still adorable.
We hope you had the best birthday.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Scrabblequeen said...

Happy 1st birthday Clementine! from Misty and Sasha...woof!