♥ The Birthday Girl ♥

Today is Clementine's actual birthday. It's hard to believe that she's already a year old. I have contemplated celebrating the girls' birthdays on the days that we brought them home but as it turns out those days are the birthdays of two of my favorite relatives - my beloved aunt who passed away last year was born on January 28, in 2006 we brought Bluebonnet home on that day and my one and only nephew was born on August 16, on that day last year was when we brought little Clementine home to our family when she was a little over 6 weeks old. So I decided to celebrate with the girls on the day they came into the world.

Last night Kris' parents, who our nieces call Frank & Lulu so my girls will too, sent over some pressies for the girls since they couldn't come to the party. Kris also told us that he showed Frank & Lulu the link to the little blog here so now we have 2 more readers! Yay! Below I decided to post a picture of the sweet gifts that Frank & Lulu sent over and a picture from last year when we brought Clemmie over to meet the grandparents!

Meeting Lulu for the first time, 8/16/2008

More sweet b'day gifts


Dee dedede Dee dededede...

The weirdo sleeps tonight...


Weekly post for Grandma

Hi Grammy,
Mommy just told me that you are going to the Ernest Family Pond this weekend. I'm soooo jealous. I remember what a good time I had there and wish I could be with you and Grampy and Lovey and the rest of the family this weekend. I put my favorite picture from my last visit below... don't I just look like a little water baby?!?! Mommy has promised to do something extra fun with me tomorrow even if it means she has to go out in the "damn hot & humid Texas weather" (her words, not mine).

Love you big, big, big...



Omaha Baby!

Everyone in our house is a fan of the Texas Longhorns including the girls. So now that Texas finds themselves once again in the College World Series we are having game-watching get-togethers with Uncle Scootsie and Aunt Kelsey... sometimes Dexter and Charlie come too. We all show our team spirit the best way we can - cheering, the Hook "Em hand sign and clothing. Clemmie and Blue put on their jerseys and helped cheer the team on to victory last night!

The girls will be wearing their jerseys again on Friday night when Texas plays the winner of Game 10.


Laundry time

So I sent this picture to Kris' phone with the caption "I am helping mama do the laundry!" A few minutes later I get a reply that says "Yeah, I am sure she is." He just can't be fooled. But honestly, she was there keeping me company while I folded the clothes - that's as good as helping as far as I'm concerned.


Who's really writing this Blog...

As you can probably guess from the big paws there are lots of typos, lots of applications closed and opened in error and lots of dirt on the keys when she's done.


Decisions, decisions

Clementine and Bluebonnet are really stumped as to what chaos and aggravation they can cause today. I can just tell they are conspiring to steal socks or have a wrestling match.


Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Grandma,
This week mommy and daddy bought me my very own bed for the bedroom and explained to me that it was my personal space and that I could kick Clementine out of it if I wanted to.

Me in my new bed

Clementine in her bed

I decided to let her sleep with me for a little bit.


This cannot be comfy

Face smooshed against the sliding glass door that is in desperate need of a cleaning.


She's always on

Just when I think this freakin' dog can't get any cuter she grabs the end of her living room blankie (not to be confused with her bedroom blankie) and pulls it over her head then announces "I'm thinking of cutting bangs. What do you think?"