Life is really good

Lately, I don't have a complaint in the world. I've got a husband that I adore and two cuddly Basset Hounds that I can't quit snuggling with.

Yes, I am indeed a lucky girl.


Sapphire said...

oh i so miss seeing these two (:

Sue said...

They look like great snugglers. We've been having some three and four dog nights lately because it's been so cold. What a great way to sleep.

Channon said...

It's that simple, isn't it? I think I've told you I'm late to work every single day because when Sissy works those eyes, I can't help but hop back in bed for a snuggle.

Mango said...

That does sound most happy making. us doggies really are good for snuggling.


Martha and Bailey said...

Sleeping beauties!