Absolutely p00ped!

Tonight I cleaned out our 3rd bedroom in an attempt to get it looking more like a "guest suite" and less like a "home office". I have been needing to do this for some time. My sister, who I refer to as Lovey when speaking for the girls, and my nephew are coming to visit me this weekend and I thought it would be nice for Preston to have his own area in the house.

I had several boxes to move from the room and out into the foyer. I also had a couple of trash bags to take out. I took each box and each bag one by one. And the girls followed me with each step.

I guess it was tiring because they are absolutely exhausted.

I only hope that Lovey appreciates all their hard work!


Post for Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I am snug as a bug in a rug.



I coulda been a contenda

I always dread this time of year.

Bluebonnet is drinking Wild Turkey again and won't shut up about how she could have been a world class show dog and won Westminster if we hadn't had her fixed. Every time we try to get the remote control from her to change the channel she just swats her giant paw at us.

Oh boy, it's gonna be a looong night.


Can you guess which one is which?

I snapped this picture on the way to the groomers. The girls were not White, Black & Brown or White & Orange... they were Yellow, Black & Brown and Yellow & Orange. They were loooooong over due for bathes, brushes, nail clippings and gland expressions!

We loaded them into the back of the wagon and those silly, little things gave us these pathetic looks over the back seat.

Clementine is on the left and Bluebonnet is on the right.


Life is really good

Lately, I don't have a complaint in the world. I've got a husband that I adore and two cuddly Basset Hounds that I can't quit snuggling with.

Yes, I am indeed a lucky girl.


Mommy, why are my ears so big?

I was looking back in my blog archives and found this letter to Bluebonnet. The last sentence explicitly says that she would be an only child forever... however I know in my heart that I meant the foreseeable future, for even less than one year later we welcomed Clementine into our family.

I honestly never thought I could love another dog as much as I loved Bluebonnet but I still always wanted another dog because I have a lot of love to give. Regardless of what I thought or felt, I now know that I am able to love another dog with equal sincerity and intensity because I can't imagine not having Clementine in our lives.

I've written before about how I will cuddle with Bluebonnet and tell her the story of the day we picked her up:
"You were so little and it was raining that day so I just put you inside of my raincoat. Can you believe that?! You used to be so little that you could fit inside my raincoat?!"

I never get tired of telling that story over and over. I always hoped that I'd have a story like that with Clementine. Of course I remember the day we picked her up, but it wasn't raining and she didn't even stay in my lap on the ride home, she managed to make her way down to the floorboard of the car and throw up. Ew! That's not a cute story to tell over and over again when you are cuddling. So I decided that I wouldn't force it... one day we'd have a moment and it would be a story that I would repeat while putting my arm across her and tucking it under her belly.

She was sleeping on her side and her ear was covering her entire face. I lifted it up and said "Hi, Clementine!" and put it right back across her face. She starting jerking her head and huffing as if it hadn't been there before. Then she looked right up at me as if she was asking for help to keep her ear off her face and ask "Mommy, why are my ears so big?" Even though I made the question up for her I answered it myself as well "Clemmie, God made your ears that big and I don't know why."

I don't know why but that was a touching moment because I never say things like that, I never give God credit for anything nor do I blame Him for anything. I am not sure if it was a special moment sent to me from an angel or what but I definitely feel like it was meant to happen. Anyway, I'm not running off to mass or anything, I just wanted to share that and let you know that Clementine and I now have our story that I'll tell her over and over again when we cuddle.