Basset Hound Meet-up party

Unfortunately not everyone that RSVP'd actually made it out. But the girls definitely had a good time as evident by the monster nap they took when they got home. I am not sure if it will become a regular thing but it sure was a fun afternoon and nice to see the girls among other Bassets. Poor little Bluebonnet was the only tri-colored there. Clementine was in good company with 2 Lemon & White Bassets, 1 Red & White and 1 Red & White/Dachshund mix.

Doggies arriving for the party

Doggies getting pets from other human mommies & daddies
and getting to know each other

The hosts of the meet-up also have a mini-Dachshund and a Basset/mini-Dachshund mix

New friend, Watson

New friend, Skittles

Clementine looks like a miniature version of both Skittles and Olive

New friend, Olive likes to cool off in the water

Clementine and the mini-Dachshund, Copper, were inseperable

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