Probably not as bad as it looks

I went home yesterday and the first thing on my mind was to check out Bluebonnet's face. Kris told me that the vet tech had shaved away the hair around the hot spot so that it wouldn't get matted again. I asked if it was about the size of the a quarter and Kris replied "No, it's bigger than that." My heart sank a little. I don't want my girls to look like street dogs with matted hair, dirty faces and gaping wounds.

I was a little shocked that the shaved area is as big as my fist and the wound is much more visible. Bluebonnet's ear covers the wound and shaved area but of course I know it's there. Before bedtime I put some Neosporin on it per the vet's recommendation and was immediately ticked off when Clementine not only tried to lick the ointment but she tried to lick Blue's face. I found myself being very short with her and to that Kris says "Uh, she doesn't understand you." I probably should have just said "Clementine, no" instead of "Stop doing that! Stop licking her face!"

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