My heart just smiled

Anyone that knows me or has even ever stumbled across this blog will not be surprised when I say that I find my dogs to be completely entertaining. I am definitely a dog person and I might be a little "way too into" my dogs, but they are my furkids, afterall. Tonight was one of those nights where Kris and I stop watching tv, stop typing on our computers and stop checking our phones for text messages and just watch Bluebonnet and Clementine play together.

They were 8 kinds of riled up after I played with them on the floor for 30 minutes and they had nothing else to do with all that energy but chase each other, take turns stealing the sock from one another and bark at each other. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bluebonnet is Personality Plus. I swear she thinks like a 9 year old child.

She knows that Clementine can't yet jump up on anything, not either couch or any of the chairs so she jumps on a chair or a couch with the sock they've been fighting over. However, she doesn't just jump up there with it and sit. She sits with the sock hanging out of her mouth just low enough for Clementine to try to reach it. When Scrappy-Doo gets frustrated with this she starts with the barking, well I should say the yapping, she's not big enough to give a big impressive, Basset bark yet. Bluebonnet will jump down with the sock and the cycle of chasing, playing tug-of-war and barking starts all over again.

I'm still amazed by Clementine's independence. Unfortunately, she's not always indepenedent. Several of Bluebonnet's bad habits have rubbed off on her including trying to dart out the front door when it's opened and jumping up on anyone that comes through the door. What I love about her the most though is how different she is from Bluebonnet, her independence being one of them - Blue would never go lie in the corner of the living room and just play for hours on end, she'd also never go outside alone for 20 minutes at a time in the middle of the night just to hunt for sticks. Clementine has hauled sticks through the doggie door at 10:30 at night that are twice her size. It takes her sometimes up to 10 minutes to get it through the opening in the wall, but she's persistent.

My time at home would be so boring without these two dogs. God bless those girls!

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