Clementine's (bio) mom & dad

I have been complaining for weeks because this dog is not putting on weight. My first problem in getting a new puppy is that I expected everything to be the same as Bluebonnet... her temperment, attitude, the way she eats, the way she interacts, etc. But Clementine is nothing - NOTHING - like Bluebonnet. For starters, Blue is a curvy gal and Clementine is skin and bones; Blue likes, nay LOVES to cuddle and Clementine couldn't be less interested; Bluebonnet was never a digger or a fan of sticks, but Clementine likes both equally. Anyway, it finally hit me last night. I remembered what Clementine's doggie mom and dad looked like and she looks exactly like her dad, Oliver. So this tells me that she may just end up being a little smaller than Bluebonnet afterall and not the giant Basset Hound I've been thinking she would be. However, I made this assumption off of how big she was at 8 weeks which was the same size as Bluebonnet at 3/4 months.

Oliver, Clementine's bio dad - she looks exactly like him from the orange color to the wide white section between her eyes... she also has his eyes and snout.

Daisy, Clementine's bio mom - she looks nothing like her mom, but she did look just like that one light colored puppy on the far left when she was born. This is another litter but it's interesting that Daisy had another puppy that looked just like Clemmie as a baby dawg.

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