Walking with Bluebonnet

It's been very clear for a long time that Bluebonnet loves to go for walks. All outward appearances would indicate that she's a couch potato and probably pretty lazy. But when you put a leash on that dog she can go on and on for quite a while depending on the weather. I have noticed that in the summer she tires out and I practically have to drag her home, but that is to be expected. When it's 74 degrees outside and she's not too tired from playing with her sister, the puppy, in the morning she likes to giddy-up.

Speaking of giddy-up, our walk today took us to the neighborhood across the way where there is a horse stable. I'd heard the stables were back there and was hoping that there would be a big open area where we could see the horses galloping around and maybe bring them some apples or carrots. Unfortunately there are no horses running around in the front of the property so we didn't get to see any. We still had a nice walk though and Blue definitely enjoyed herself and her quality time with mama.

We also got to see the back entrance to the Buddhist Temple that is near our house. I never even knew it was back there. I took a picture of the statues they had at the entrance to the back. They look like big smiley lions, I don't know enough about the faith to know what they represent. The main street that divides my neighborhood and the one we were walking in today is lined with churches of all faiths. The Buddhist temple is between a Baptist church and a Vietnamese Catholic church, down the street is a Church of Christ, a Methodist Church and one other that I've not been able to figure out, but it's definitely a house of worship.

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madelyn said...

Hey that's our 'hood! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. Feel free to cross that busy street any time.