DOT on the GO

I wasn't able to upload the video that I wanted to post today. And I am very sad about that because it really showed the differences between Clementine and Bluebonnet in their personalities. I will try to post it next week. For now you will just have to look at this picture of cute little Clementine that I am sending from my mobile (that's why it's Dogs on Thursday on the go) - she's trying to get some shut eye if her MAMA WOULD JUST STOP TAKING PICTURES WITH THE FLASH ON.


Channon said...

Cute photo!

Martha Basset said...

We always love pictures of Clemmie! Blue too! Sorry about your video - it is sometimes just so frustrating cos they wont upload - we blame blogger - we think it is very tempermental.
We will look forward to seeing the video another day. By the way we love your new Header pic! Both girls look quite aloof - is almost as though they are saying 'here is that stupid woman with the camera again'.
It is tough being beautiful.
Martha, Bailey & Mum xxx

Sue said...

Boy, humans can sure be a nuisance at times.