Big Announcement... kind of

I have merged my two blogs into one. I've been hesitant to do this for a while because I don't want to lose any dog blog readers, but it just makes the most sense for me and my time management challenges. I think the blog will shake out to 90% dog stuff and 10% everything else.

In other news, the D Family got a new vehicle to make our lives a little bit easier and a lot more comfortable. I was calling it the Bassetmobile but out of the blue today I referred to it as the Bassetwagon so I think that henceforth it will be called only that or The Wagon for short since it is after all an awesomely cool stationwagon. It's great to have a little tailgate to flip up and have the girls jump on in the back without any assistance... Well it was great that one time they did it. I still have faith that at some point in the near future they will jump in on their own and Kris and I will give each other a big high-five.

I'm taking the wagon on a trip to Louisiana this weekend to see my family, however sans Basset Hound. The girls are going to stay behind and hang out with dad.

This past Saturday, the girls and I frolicked in the hallway on the new runner rug we got and I snapped a few pics of their sublime cuteness!

Today I returned home very anxious to see my babies. As I walked through the foyer I looked down the hallway and saw this:

Oh yes! The little one has already destroyed the rug. I should be freaking out but Kris and I kind of though this might happen and we wanted to use this as a training opportunity so we bought a very inexpensive extra-long rug that I can actually cut shorter and re-trim. You can see that on one end I had already put a little cayenne down to deter her from going back. I didn't, however, put any on the other end.

Live and learn, Tobi... live and learn.

On Sunday, Kris and I took a drive out to Lockhart, Texas to get some barbecue for my sister-in-law's family. We had been itching to joyride in the new car so it was a nice little 3 hour jaunt there and back. I'm trying to be as cool as other Volvo wagon owners who take their cars on grand adventures so I snapped a pic of the car in front of the famous Black's BBQ of Lockhart.

It's the first of many photo opps for this car! I'm already thinking of different angles to get of the wagon on the levee in my parents' town or the pontoon bridge you have to take to get to their house. I just have to promise Kris not to do anything too crazy!

That about does it for now...

Take care everyone!



Tina. said...

Safe travels! P.s. let me know if the cayenne works!

Tee said...

Wagon's looking great and so are the cute fur girls!

The Dog WOods Pack

Swampechaun said...

Tina - yes, cayenne works. I've used it in the house on the rug and outside in holes that she digs. My dad told me to do that because both she and her older sister are completely impervious to Bitter Apple.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the merger of blogs, what can I say Im noise and don't get out much outside of work lol.

Good looking bassetwagon :)

Love the hallway pics, well minus the ahem damage lol.

Sue said...

Oh oh, a new rug to chew. I can't tell you how many of those hall runners we went thru till they (mostly Tsar) stopped chewing them. Cayenne didn't work for us nor did bitter apple. Finally our vet suggested the awful smelling and bad tasting original Listerine. It worked like a charm. The dogs hate it and I use it still if they start chewing on themselves.

Martha Basset said...

Blue and Clemmie looking cute - even if they have chewed the rug!
Still you would forgive them anything.........