Maxime von Weiner

Maxime is my friend Denise's miniature dachshund. She is a sweet little thing that can hang with the big dogs and holds her own very well with the very bossy Bluebonnet. Maxime has a seriously cute characteristic - her tongue sticks out a little bit all the time. But apparently when she's really relaxed it tends to stick out a bit more. Here is a pic sent to me from Denise of Maxime in what appears to be a very deep sleep. The caption that came with the pic said "I dare you to sleep harder than this dog." I don't think it's possible. She must be living clean.

Here is my other favorite picture of Maxime - while to most dogs this is a food or water bowl, to Maxime, it's a sitting pool for cooling off. This picture was sent to me with the caption "Bowl 'o Maxime."

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Sue said...

What a nice little private pool, just the perfect size.

Samba sleeps with her eyes open sometimes, too. It looks so weird.