Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Mama,
For once the girls are letting me write the post to you because they are just worn out from running in the new yard and fighting over treats and chasing each other down the hallway and so on and so on... I decided to post some pictures that show their true personalities since they can't stop me.
Bad attitude:

Love you,


Channon said...

Oh, I love those photos...

Mango said...

This is what comes of letting the humans at the blog. Scandelous photos! Shocking accusations!

But we think it is so sweet that your grammy gets a special post.


Martha Basset said...

Well girls if you want to sue just let us know!
You are both quite delightful!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Life With Dogs said...

Love the bad attitude shot! :)

Tina. said...

Cute photos, although I think they may have a case for character assination!

Anonymous said...

LOL those poor abused puppies, I just need to come over there and bring them home to a place where they won't be abused like that LOL. Cute pics.