Weekly post for Grandma

Dear Grandma,

We have gone to day care every day this week because the handy-man has been let loose in our house. We were going to tell mommy that we wouldn't bother him but when we learned that we would be going to doggie daycare while he was here we decided not to say anything. Anyway, doggie daycare is super fun, we have met lots of other dogs and we get to run and play all day long. But when we get home we are soooooooo tired.


Channon said...

It's been said a tired dog is a good dog... ;)

Martha and Bailey said...

We love the way you are both curled up exactly the same!!!!
We have never been to doggie day care - doesn't seem to be in the UK!
Sounds fun - it is good to be tired and happy.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Mango said...

Doggie Day care is great! You don't need an excuse to go.


Marjie said...

Nothing like a day out with friends, even if they do call it something insulting like "day care"!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!! Love the pic you both are soo cute!

Sue said...

Being social can be so tiring!

Sapphire said...

ZZZzzz. love it.