What we did last night

The whole family watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown because it's an annual tradition.

I started on a new scarf and attempted to master the Puff Stitch. The first few rows are a bit messy and uneven but then I started getting a little better at it.


Channon said...

Pretty photos! I like the color of the scarf. Puff stitch looks like a pain... ??

Martha and Bailey said...

Now we feel deprived cos we have never seen The Great Pumpkin!
Good work with the knitting - we don't call that puff stitch in the UK - when I remember what it is I'll let you know!!!!
Still loving the halloween outfits pics!!

Anonymous said...

Wow cool knitting and love the pic of them watching tv!

Sue said...

That looks really thick and warm, but it looks like it uses a lot of yarn.

Tobi said...

Sue - I thought so too, I learned the stitch from the awesome crochet lady on YouTube. With her instructions you only use one skein to crochet this scarf, it starts with chain 18 and then results in 9 puff stitches across.

Mango said...

That looks puffy to me.


knittinwolf said...

That's a tradition with us toooo! Wow what a stitch! Fabulous!