Heading home

The girls are sleeping on the floor of the back cab on their new blankets that my sister made for them. We had the best little family trip. We went fishing and the girls went swimming in the pond and the both got up on the boogie board a few times! It was great. They both ate crawfish so they are officially 1/2 Cajun now. Besides one incident where Bluebonnet got a little rough with my sister's Chorkie the girls behaved pretty well. I can tell they are ready to return home though... Even if their mama is not!


Sue said...

It looks like you tired them out. It should be a quiet trip home.

Martha Basset said...

Have a safe journey home. xxxx

Tina. said...

Your bassets can swim???!!!! Wow! Mine will wade but because their bones are heavy, most bassets sink! That is really cool, Are you going to post pics?

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We iz glad dat woo iz coming home! Wooks wike woo iz totallee tired owt! Get sum rest so dat woo can drive yur mommee crayzee agin!

Gus and Waldo