I have once again been so busy with my 9-5 and stocking my shop on Etsy that I've neglected the blog. I have not however, neglected my girls. Last weekend the whole family got to cuddle in the bed together for a long time and during the week I took the girls on some nice walks to get ready for the Wag'n'Walk. We also played fetch in the backyard which Kris has gone to great lengths to make nice for our little family. We are also just days away from heading to Butte La Rose, Louisiana for Easter weekend and have been doing a lot of prep for that - making lists, burning cd's for my mom, organizing gifts, etc.

Once I get back from the trip I'll have lots of pictures to post because I won't be doing anything else - no work and no crafts, just total dedication to the girls. Like I've said before I've been talking to them about our pending family road trip. I think that Bluebonnet is fully engaged perhaps reminiscing about her trip up and down the canal in my canoe, but I think that Clementine's mind is somewhere else completely...


Pony Girl said...

Great photo! ;) That one of Bluebonnet really reminds me of when my family lived on a small series of canals, we would go boating on them and take our Beagle Riley. He loved it, the wind would blow his beagle ears out.

Martha Basset said...

Hi Tobi
We have missed you this week. Love the picture of the girls daydreaming. Have a great holiday -sounds like fun!
Martha, Bailey & Mum xx

Sue said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your time all together.Don't forget to take the camera.