New collas! Holla!

So the new collars from The Mod Dog came in yesterday and I just love them. They are top quality and gorgeous and whimsical. I put them on the girls and they got all kinds of sassy just knowing how cute they looked. I tried to get some pictures but they started to wrestle and well... these shots just don't do the collars justice. I then noticed that Clementine starting biting Blue's collar and pulling (something I've seen her do once before) and had to reprimand her. That is such a bad thing for a dog to do for a number of reasons, the least of which is ruining a brand new collar. I certainly hope that doesn't become a habit or else I could be looking at serious behavioral help for her.


Channon said...

My boys - another basset/JRT pair - chewed collars off of each other when they were younger. Sissy will still snatch Gretchen up by the scruff of the neck once in a while, despite our scoldings.

Good luck with breaking that emerging habit!

Love the new collars too.

Martha Basset said...

The collars look great - paws crossed they dont chew them!
Martha & Bailey xx

Sue said...

Those new collars make them feel frisky.

Do try to stop that collar grabbing habit, very dangerous for both of them. Fudge used to do that, but has stopped.

Thoughts said...

LOVE the pictures, and I love this blog. First time visitor here - we have three Bassets in our extended family and they are the loves of our lives!

This is a great blog!

Keep up the good work,

Jaime Smith

pleintexasgirl said...

I bought Ruby her collar from Moddog today. As soon as we get this one fitted I will get her some more. They look really good on the girls. Will post a photo of Ruby when she gets hers on. Have a good time in the Bayou State! Them mudbugs are good this time of year.