Feelin' Groovy

I just remembered that I had some great photos of the girls to post from a few weeks ago... I mentioned that I would post them at a later date and never got around to it. Now seems like as good of a time as any to throw one or two up. I believe I called the photo album I put these in "Dog Treat Madness" because I threw a bunch of dog cookies on the ground and watched the girls run after them and fight over them. Ok - well they don't really fight because we all now that Bluebonnet is a food bully and Clementine gets as far away from her possible when food is thrown in her direction for fear of getting cornered. At any rate, they each got their fare share of cookies and mommy got some cute pictures.

I had changed the setting on the camera so the pictures came out with an unintended effect but it happens to look pretty cool... it also happens to look like the girls had time traveled to the 1970's and dropped acid.


Martha Basset said...

Hi Tobi
They are cool pictures - although you are right they look well chilled. Did the cookies come from Amsterdam?
How did you get on with the new trendy collars?
Are you keeping them for them going their holidays?
Martha, Bailey & Mum xxx

Sue said...

They look very dreamy in these photos. Relaxing before the big trip.